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  1. Bobcat701

    Commercial use of FMTV M1088 Tractor?

    I am thinking about purchasing an M1088 tractor for the following 3 reasons. 1. Haul local Hotshot loads within 150 miles. 2. Pick up surplus equipment from Fort Bragg. 3. Awesome toy. Could use some advice from any current MTV owners or other 5 ton brothers. Thanks in advance, Joe
  2. Bobcat701

    War Pig and Pumba

    Attached is a picture of my new M1082 LMTV trailer being pulled by War Pig. After I picked it up at Fort Bragg I stopped by the Sandarosa Gardens and loaded it up with a ton of mulch for my wife's landscaping. Upon my arrival home my wife was not as elated by my new procurement as I was. I then...
  3. Bobcat701

    North Carolina; Fort Bragg, Military Vehicle Mechanic

    If you live in the Fayetteville, Fort Bragg area and need anLMTV, MTV, HUMVEE, 2.5 or 5 ton mechanic I recommend Davis On-Site @910.302.8903. He fixed a huge electrical problem I had on my LMTV. This was a self-inflicted wound on my part I will share that one at the Denton, rally over some...
  4. Bobcat701

    M105A2 Wheel Bearing Maintenance

    I am planning on repacking the wheel bearings on a M105a2trailer. The TM states to replace theOil Seal Hubs during the procedures. Anyleads on procuring 6 oil seal hubs would be greatly appreciated. I have three trailers that I need to service.
  5. Bobcat701

    LMTV Antenna Ground

    I am planning to install a 24vdc to 12vdc inverter in my truck to use 12 volt accessories such as a CB radio. I understand that I need to ground the radio to the inverter due to reading other posts on SS. I have removed all the internal tuning mechanisms of the antenna base and cut the antenna...
  6. Bobcat701

    LMTV used for Eagle Project

    Here are a few pictures of my LMTV being used to haul benches and duck boxes for two Eagle Scout Projects. War Pig had no problem following the Ranger in his Gator. Scouts and Scoutmaster had a great time mudding with a mission. .
  7. Bobcat701

    Scouts Working on M1078

    Here are a few pictures of scouts working on my LMTV. They took out the back troop seats for me. I am replacing the broken seats and installing new ones. I am also going to add seat belts. The new truck ID number I painted is a copy of one from my old unit. Truck originally belonged to the...
  8. Bobcat701

    Stuck Dump Truck

    Two weeks ago I came home with an LMTV and my neighbor looked at me like I was crazy. This morning he knocks on my door because a dump truck got stuck in his back yard. The M1078 easily pulled the dump truck out of its earth bound tomb. The look on my neighbors face was priceless. I need to...
  9. Bobcat701

    Neophite LMTV Owner Part II

    I picked up my LMTV from Alabama. I drove it back home to Fayetteville NC 500 miles with no issues. Thanks to everyone that provide advice and guidance on how to PMCS the M1078, and what tools to bring with me. No major issues with the truck, I do need to install a new drag link. If anyone...
  10. Bobcat701

    Neophyte LMTV Owner

    Won my first military vehicle last Wednesday on Gov Planet. I am going to pick up my LMTV next Monday in Salam, AL and drive it back up to NC. Last time I drove and LMTV was 10 years ago in Afghanistan. All the LMTV posts on Steel Soldiers has been very helpful, so thank you all.
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