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  1. Piper Cub

    Honda XL600 Used by DOD?

    I bought this bike about a month ago and noticed an old DOD sticker on the front fork. It's a 1986 XL600 Honda Enduro. I know the military used Kawasaki KLRs but I've never heard of Honda's in service. It sat in a shed for years until I bought it as a pair with an XR500. Got it running briefly...
  2. Piper Cub

    M925 Voltage Fluctuation Problem, Time for an Alternator?

    My truck starts and runs great but occasionally when I start it the voltage is fluctuating enough to make the gauges go crazy. Once I get on the throttle it stabilizes and everything is fine until I let off the throttle. After driving it and warming up the engine it doesn't happen anymore even...
  3. Piper Cub

    Groveport, OH Possible Pickup and Shipping

    I'm looking at two GL lots in Groveport that close tomorrow. Both are in several boxes and on pallets. One is listed at 290lbs and the other at 200lbs. I would need these to be picked up and dropped off at a shipper, probably Fastenal. They can probably be combined onto one pallet and shrink...
  4. Piper Cub

    MEP-002A on M116 Mystery Straps

    I stripped my M116A2/ MEP for paint and can't figure out what these straps would have been for. I can't find any like them on the internet so I don't know if it's worth trying to find replacements. Does anyone know what these would have been for or where I could buy less brittle replacements?
  5. Piper Cub

    MEP-002 Awakened/ Spare Parts Questions

    Last fall I picked this genny/ trailer up from GL and just stuck it in the corner of the yard. I put the fuel strainer tube to soak in vinegar a couple months ago to remove the rust. Today it got new batteries and all the fuel filters and fuel lines cleaned and fresh diesel put in. The battery...
  6. Piper Cub

    2014 Christmas Parade-Lancaster CA

    Here are some pictures of my '83 M925 in the Lancaster Christmas Parade last weekend. As far as I know, I was the only MV, except for possibly one of the boy scout trailers. It looked like it may have been some kind of warehouse/ weapons flatbed, but I couldn't really tell. The parade had great...
  7. Piper Cub


    I don't really know why, but I am now on a quest to find a M935 truck. I was looking through the TMs for the 939 trucks and noticed that M935, M935A1 and M935A2 is listed in several places as a shop van, but there is no drawing and they aren't listed on the cover either. Searching SS didn't...
  8. Piper Cub

    Large Concrete Saw from Fort Carson, CO to Palmdale, CA

    Last week we bought a 1500 lb concrete saw on GL from Fort Carson, CO. It needs to get to Palmdale, CA. My dad was planning on diving to Colorado to pick it up and bring it back. If anyone would like to kick in some diesel money to get something else picked up and brought southwest we'd be happy...
  9. Piper Cub

    M925 Brake Light

    About a month and a half ago, I got my first military truck, an M925! After waiting for the SF-97, getting it insured, and registered, I was ready to take it for its maiden voyage. Before leaving everything was carefully looked over, and everything worked, including the lights. While driving...
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