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  1. Mudstone

    Anyone want to come? OK

    Just extending an invite to anyone. mostly cucv guys i think but i'm probably going to go to the dunes in n w ok. If anyone wants to get together and throw some sand around for a day that would be awesome. Send me a note ASAP. maybe tomorrow or sunday or both.
  2. Mudstone

    Stuck in the mud...

    well i managed to get stuck....
  3. Mudstone

    M1009 CT to OK

    anyone have any suggestions for shipping? Help me out? I can pay. Back on the wall need to get "Rocky" to OK between now and july 6th. Any ideas or help would be awesome.
  4. Mudstone

    M1009 37x12.5s Uhaul Trailer?

    Anyone have any idea if my m1009 on humvee 37s will fit on a uhaul car carrier? I've heard it will. There isn't a trailer available at my local uhaul. Anyone have any experience with these trailers? No other rental company will even entertain the idea of trailering a Full size blazer. Uhaul...
  5. Mudstone

    Here's Your Proof!!! 37s on M1009

    Well you all have been biotching in the chat about how i haven't posted pics and blargh... well the truck is finished and the 37s are on. Here is your proof gents.
  6. Mudstone

    well... shes dead.

    So against my better judgement i was driving to my g/f's little spa retreat place after she guilted me. I felt a weird vibration for the last few days and didnt want to put on the miles or travel far from home. Well an hour in... clank clank both gen lights come on. I say ok and continue to...
  7. Mudstone

    Rausch Creek From East

    Ok so we know that there is a bit of a get together at Rausch Creek PA first weekend in April. I'm wondering who will be coming from CT MA NH and may want to link up. I am about 25 min from I-84 in CT. I can modify my route to link up with you guys.
  8. Mudstone

    What are these?

    Ok guys i found these in the box i got with my truck... any clue where they go/what they are?
  9. Mudstone

    Pintle problem 1009

    Ok... i got my pintle hook and spacers and such... i now realize that my truck is missing the mount on the truck. I need the plate that attaches to the bumper. Saturn doesn't have it. Any ideas? or anyone have one?
  10. Mudstone

    Need a little help guys.

    I'm currently in need of a lot of parts for my cucv and i'm having trouble securing them. If this is taboo and not proper any mod please feel free to delete this post and i apologize in advance. Here's the list. I need it shipped to 06605 i'm in bridgeport CT ALL are for an M1009 Rim at...
  11. Mudstone

    Headed to Westminster MA

    Hey guys i'm making a trip up to westminster MA from bridgeport ct. Guy by the name of Mike seems to have a bunch of parts up there. So a buddy of mine and myself are going to head up and pillage :twisted:. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post but it's kinda a dual post. 1 anyone...
  12. Mudstone

    Linux and Chat

    I have been searching and trying to find out why i can load the chat rooms and read what everyone is saying. I however cannot interact with it at all. I am running Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala on an HP DV6400 laptop. I have 2 gig of ram. I currently have flash installed through the ubuntu...
  13. Mudstone

    Thermostat housing bolt size?

    Anyone know the thermostat cover bolt size and threads? i busted mine need to insert a helicoil and get new bolts. any info would be greatly appreciated
  14. Mudstone

    @#%$%&#%^*# I did it too... :(

    Ok so there i was flushing coolant out of the M1009 today and decided **** i'll put a new thermostat in. I'm sure you all know what happened from there... I busted both bolts about a quarter inch showing on the hose side. Any words of wisdom? My plan... drill dead center with the largest...
  15. Mudstone

    I got a m1009

    Well i finally did it... purchased today and is now sitting in my driveway. I have a question... how hot should the engine bay be? and i think i may need a thermostat anyone know where to get one NAPA? and what the part number is? Runs like a top no real rust just a couple spots inside over...
  16. Mudstone

    Need a CUCV

    Hey guys i need a CUCV in CT or surrounding states... Every day driver i've looked at a few and pretty much most of the trucks i've seen are pretty messed up. i'm taking a drive out to coleman surplus tomorrow in PA... from the sound of it their trucks are rotted and not exactly well kept...
  17. Mudstone

    LI Tractor club 7/17-7/18

    I was just posting out of curiosity to see who's going down to LI for their thing this weekend. Me and the g/f are heading down tomorrow morn and will prob spend the day hangin' BTW i think i've decided on a kublo's truck as soon as funding allows (another couple months) there will be a sexy...
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