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  1. m-35tom

    Caiman MRAP wheels on a LMTV

    I have heard / read that the Caiman MRAP aluminum wheels will work on a LMTV. I am skeptical since the LMTV is lug centric and the MRAP is hub centric. Has anyone successfully done this?
  2. m-35tom

    5ton to m35 power steering upgrade

    Still a few kits available, these are the last to ever be made.
  3. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    I have 20 compressor mounting kits on the way, also plenty of evaporator units and plenty of condenser units, wiring, hose fittings, etc
  4. m-35tom

    Spicer 3053 main shaft reassemble question

    I guess we can only laugh at some of these people and their replies. The problem is that misinformation hurts others.
  5. m-35tom

    MEP-802/803 fuel return improvements

    Yes it is a restrictor so that the system is self priming
  6. m-35tom

    DS balancing ring?..thoughts?

    snake oil and def not needed.
  7. m-35tom

    New ECM and now No start....Please Help!

    Been a long time since I got all that but I think you need Diagnostic Tool 317-7485 For CAT Equipment and the adapter for trucks to have the plugs that fit LMTVs. Then PM me for the software.
  8. m-35tom

    DIY Remote Tire Inflation System (RTIS?)

    You can easily plug the wheel stud, it is a standard oil pan drain plug size, 16mm
  9. m-35tom

    Where to hook into air line to install air horn?

    Don't bother with that, but the $15 dollar air horn on ebay. It is really loud and is 12 volt.
  10. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    What does this mean? I have 27 of them but they are hard to find, I doubt anyone is sitting on hundreds with the price at $2000!!!
  11. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    Red Dot makes A/C parts for MANY civilian trucks also and most of those trucks are not designed to be used off road or in the rough conditions as the military so the mounts do not need to be as strong.
  12. m-35tom

    Starter replacement

    With 2 people it is quite easy, you need the correct wrench.
  13. m-35tom

    AC Compressor Mounting Bracket Plans

    Not very well supported, the real mount is only $240 plus ups and is very substantial
  14. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner
  15. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    I have all the parts for A/C on LMTV, just not all at the same time! Should have brackets in 2-3 weeks, have wiring harness now and condensers now (3 each)
  16. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    Not such a great deal as it won't fit and I sell the correct brackets for $240, sold out now but expect 20 more in a couple weeks. The price on that pulley is either very old or they are losing money selling it.
  17. m-35tom

    A1R rear axle locker (intermediate axle from MTV) questions.

    Don't remember, it was done in Netherlands, but it can be done. What to do should be obvious.
  18. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    well close, there is actually just one open terminal on back of the fording switch that the ground from the A/C system plugs into. No reconfig needed.
  19. m-35tom

    LMTV Air Conditioner

    That is not how it works, the fording switch removes the ground for the condenser fans relay so they cannot turn on.
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