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  1. Hottrodd789

    M35a2 air compressor problem

    After my truck sat for two years I got her fired up now my air compressor runs Non stop and blows the pop off valve but my gage reads 0 and the buzzer dosent shut off and the tanks hold air where should go first replace the goviner ?
  2. Hottrodd789

    Tips on starting after siting for 2 years

    Looking for some tips on starting my truck in the next week after sitting for two years. New batteries new fuel new filters be everything. the fuel line and fuel tank are all new so I have to get system primed up!
  3. Hottrodd789

    Progress report on the forever build

    Finally got the front axel ready to bolt up
  4. Hottrodd789

    M923 trans trouble

    Any idea y my transmission has a short shift between 2 and 3? I check the basics
  5. Hottrodd789

    Paint and body work

    Any one know the best way to reduce gillispie paint? I am looking to put a flat clear on top i have read some put xylene only. Some use a hardener. Just dont want the paint to wrinkle up when the flat clear is applied on top. And how long was flash time till u can put clear on? Any info would...
  6. Hottrodd789

    Turbo ?

    Has anyone put a turbo off of a LDS on to a LDT motor? eastern surplus states is will increase power by 15% !
  7. Hottrodd789

    Electric fan for Deuce

    I found a company called electric fan engenering the make a 24v electric fan the puts out 6000 cfm pr m according to them this fan is rated for truck under 60,000lbs and under 300hp it cost 560 bucks il have it this week...
  8. Hottrodd789

    Help with clutch problem....!!!! Please

    I have weird issues with my clutch on the deuce when I first take off I have clutch pedal after I shift the first time the pedal goes to floor. I did a test I can put it in fifth and it does not slip no clutch fingers are broken any ideas?
  9. Hottrodd789

    Dramax build

    I picked up a 6.6 Dramax today well be posting up on the build
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