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    VT Loophole.... For trailers....

    Not humvee related but I figured y'all would know about the VT loophole. My father in law gave me his boat trailer. Title is lost but we have all the other docs, including the old plate. NY DMV made us jump through hoops of red tape and we did it all, but I still haven't heard back in...
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    Is the humvee transfer case an open transfer case?

    How else would it remain in 4 wheel drive all the time and not ruin road performance? I know every truck I've ever had, when in 4x4, can't turn for snot on pavement or gravel.
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    Model numbers and various options.

    Is there a comprehensive list of features that goes with each Humvee model number? M998 v. 1165 A1, A2 etc? As I'm search gov planet there's a lot more variables than I ever knew. Certain options I likely don't need but others would be nice to have. Some I may avoid due to increase...
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