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  1. jasonjc

    2 month old split axle boots

    I have the non zipper boot on a few trucks for years, and no cracks. I looked the other day after seeing a thread like this one or this one. I even tried to poke a finger thought them and they are solid.
  2. jasonjc

    2 month old split axle boots

    RE: Boots I just when out and looked at them with aflashlight and they look and feel as good as the day I put them on. They been on maybe 4 moths now. no miles thought.and no HOT wheather lots of cold .
  3. jasonjc

    2 month old split axle boots

    RE: Boots I've got a set from teds they seem real nice :| they been on the truck 3-4 moths know have not drove much(a few hundred feet)but I will look at tomor and see how they are.
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