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  1. Mogman

    Registering in Colorado

    I am not a lawyer but I do know there is TONS of fine print in any insurance contract, I would certainly have a contract lawyer go over any contract if I was doing anything hinky as far as out of state registration, it would be a shame to end up with NO insurance coverage if it and when it was...
  2. Mogman

    Registering in Colorado

    That sounds about right, CA wants to charge folks that are moving to another state for the loss in tax revenue, several years worth, those folks are just plain nuts.
  3. Mogman

    Registering in Colorado

    Wow that really sucks, sounds like some action needs to be taken, certainly there are enough MV owners in CO to garner some amount of power, they are denying you the use of your property, at about the same time the Texas legislature made it legal to title and register HMMWVs for road use. I...
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