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  1. US6x4

    Bouncing like a ball.

    How much antifreeze are you all adding to 16.00R20s? In the video he mentioned he started with 1 pint (16 oz) and would most likely double it (32 oz) for 14.00-20s, i believe. A balance bead manufacturer lists 36 oz worth of beads for the 16.00R20 size of tire. Does 36 oz (4.5 cups) of...
  2. US6x4

    Bouncing like a ball.

    Bouncing has been attributed to worn dog bones in the past so it would be good to check those. I would be willing to trade you my stock 11R-20s for your 14R20s straight across! Seems like no one does it anymore for liability reasons but they used to set up a shaving machine beneath a jacked...
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