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  1. Mullaney

    Registering in Colorado

    . There are companies that buy surplus and fix them. Expect 3x or 4x the cost of a GovPlanet vehicle - BUT - the folks who do that work warrant their work. Most (but not all) generally do more than squirt paint on it and send it out the door. The old saying "putting lipstick on a pig" comes to...
  2. Mullaney

    Registering in Colorado

    . I don't want to bust your bubble, but with a truck that you bought and paid cash for - and the bank doesn't want to be a part of what you want to do - you might get by with it. I think you would be better off to find a state that isn't like Colorado. One of the free states where the state...
  3. Mullaney

    Registering in Colorado

    . I have said it before and I guess we should at least discuss it: Considering getting a title for your vehicle in another state? There are military vehicles that can't be titled in certain states. There are sports cars that can be titled for less in some states than others. There you go...
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