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  1. chevymike

    Some M1010 Camper Box Mods

    So I haven't really shared that much of my M1010 camper build, as it's not for everyone. Some will scorn at me, others think it's cool. I am building my own camper the way I want, so that's good enough for me. Thought I might share a couple big box mods I have been working on. This is the...
  2. chevymike

    Rear Bilstein Shock Mounting for M1008/M1010/M1031

    Hi all, Not sure if folks know but it seems the the rear mounting hardware on M1008/M1010/M1031 are using 9/16" bolt and the upper stud is 9/16" shaft even though the nut would have you think it was a 1/2" (1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks are 1/2" hardware). I found with Bilstein 5100/5160/5165 shocks...
  3. chevymike

    M1008 Weight?

    Hi all, Did a search and didn't find the answer. Trying to find out the actual real world curb weight of a M1008. When I say real world, like actually taken to a weight station and had it weighed. I stripped my M1010 box down (actually the A/C unit is still there) and it weighed in at 6180...
  4. chevymike

    Value of Banks Turbo kit?

    Hi all, Curious what is a fair price for a complete but gently used Banks Turbo kit with exhaust?
  5. chevymike

    No Start Issue Since Dying While Driving

    Hi all, Been reading a bunch of threads, watching video and general searching. Little confused why I cannot get my M1010 to start. Here is what happened. Last weekend I was driving fine, about 40mph. All of a sudden I feel it loosing power so I get over to the side of the road as I was...
  6. chevymike

    Anyone Use Inline Tube Brake Line Kit?

    Hi all, I was looking at my hard lines on the M1010 and they likely need to be replaced when I refresh the brake system. I see that Inline Tube has a full stainless steel kit and curious if anyone has used this. Thanks
  7. chevymike

    Stanadyne Pump Video

    Hi all, I just ran across this YouTube video using a cutaway of a Stanadyne DB2 pump. Very interesting to see how an injection pump works but also brings up the question of, who in the heck came up with this idea? Just crazy to think how this works. Hope this is helpful for folks.
  8. chevymike

    Sealing Transfer Case Halfs Without Removing

    Hi all, This past weekend I installed a Gear Vendors OD unit and as part of this I needed to top off the transfer case fluid. It appears it was low as I had to add about 2.5 quarts of the 5 the stock NP208 takes (plus about .5 extra for the additional GV adapter). Well this apparently showed...
  9. chevymike

    Mega Score - Gear Vendors OD

    I happened to be on FB Marketplace doing some random searching Saturday night and ran across an ad for a almost new Gear Vendors OD unit. Made deal to meet up Sunday afternoon and drove 2 1/2 hours north and 280 miles round trip. This thing is mint and almost had zero use. Guy installed it on...
  10. chevymike

    Volt Gauge Mounting Bezel Needed

    Hi all, I am working on my custom gauge panel and it would be really helpful if I can get the following piece from someone who has a damaged/cracked bezel. The M1010 I have has an extra hole for the rear door light so I need one from an M1008 or M1009 or model that just has the single gauge in...
  11. chevymike

    Need Oil Cooler O-rings

    Hi all, I just got my radiator back from being re-cored and I need the O-rings that go on the oil cooler lines that go into the radiator. I looked in the TM and found the part number of 14055585 which seems to be those O-rings but in doing a Google search, it appears these are discontinued and...
  12. chevymike

    New gauges for my M1010

    Gathering more parts. I had these gauges custom made by Speedhut. This is their Revolution line but done up to look like their HUMVEE line of gauge. Wanted to keep that military vibe but have modern gauges, since there are none in the CUCV rigs. The LED near the bottom of the gauge is a...
  13. chevymike

    Transmission Mount

    Hi all, I did a bunch of searching but really didn't get an answer I was looking for. I was working on the M1010 this weekend and noticed the original rubber trans mounts are toast and need to be replaced. Looking for replacements it seems I can put stock rubber type in or Urethane mounts. I...
  14. chevymike

    Peninsular Glow Plug Timer, Wiring Help?

    Hi everyone, I purchased a Peninsular glow plug timer, which will give me a set timed automatic glow plug control with a manual override should I need it. Problem is, I got the box late Friday evening and there are no instructions inside. I have searched the web for a wiring diagram but no...
  15. chevymike

    Anyone install Banks Turbo in a M1010?

    I know people have put them into M1008 and M1009 's but I have not seen anyone who has done this on a M1010 ambulance. Has anyone done this? I picked up a complete, close to new Banks kit and know I will need to modify things to make it work but figured if someone else has done it, it might...
  16. chevymike

    Mile Marker Surpreme Hubs on Sale at Summit Racing

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Summit Racing has Mile Marker Surpreme hubs on a killer special. Normally $165.95, on sale $89.50. This is for a DANA 60 axle. I just happened across them and looks like a great deal if you are thinking of replacing the stock one. Just...
  17. chevymike

    M1010 12 volt conversion finished

    So in my other thread regarding checking the 24 volt system and the DUVAC, I found the upper alternator was bad and only putting out 10-11 volts and that assumes the DUVAC is actually working, which there is really no test for those. For my use, I have zero need for any 24 volt system and the...
  18. chevymike

    Yet another M1010 Charging Issues :(

    Hi guys, Okay, so I have been reading SS for the last month (well before I got my M1010) and know there are a number of issues with the DUVAC system and charging on 1010's in general. There seems to be a number of different solutions on removing this troublesome system. Also a lot of...
  19. chevymike

    M1010 Alternator Case Mount/Size?

    Hi all, I have been doing searches to find out this info but everything I find about alternator sizes relates to M1008/1009's and M1010 are completely different beasts. From my research online and looking at pictures, it "seems" that M1010 alts are what is known as a J180 mount/size but I...
  20. chevymike

    Need TM for M1010

    Hi guys, I had thought I saved the TM before the old site went down but I guess I did not. I just got a new to me, M1010 and am going over the systems to figure out what is wrong or right. After taking off the air cleaner I found none of the vaccum lines connected, which is why the...
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