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    KAMO rally October 11-13 2019

    Short notice and all for this reason ot that, but its be confirmed with the property owner that KAMO for 2019 will be the second weekend of October. This is October 11-13 at The D-day adventure park in Wyandotte Oklahoma. D-Day Adventure Park | 66800 E 175 Rd, Wyandotte, OK 74370 | (918)...
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    M818 air pack issue

    Got an issue with the ol air pack & not much time to deal with it. I'm sure the answer is here somewhere. But as said, time is short. Truck supposed to be headed to Kentucky in two weeks. Taking off from a stop light today I had to put the pedal to the floor as some moron didnt feel the need...
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    Need advice for towing a M35a2

    I've got a buddy who's relocating from Springfield to St. Louis & I've agreed to move his m35a2 (used to be mine). But I've run into a few issues. I had planned on just flat towing with my m818 and towbar. I've towed this way often. Mechanical issues have killed that idea. So now I'm at this...
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    Transfer case upgrade to a XM818

    Bout a month back my wife and I loaded up the 818 with relief supplies and took it down to Houston Texas. Heading home, high range decided to eat itself. 200 miles at 20mph sucked. Got him home though. Fast forward a few weeks. Shelled out the motor in the deuce crew cab on the way to the KAMO...
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    Starting an LDS in a can. How?

    So... Getting to the KAMO rally Friday I pertty much cashed the engine in our deuce. Had a battery crap out leading to super weak dash lights, which in turn led to not noticing when the oil pump taking a giant dump until the engine started knocking like a son of a gun. Couldn't see the pressure...
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    My crew cab build restarted. Finally.

    Life gets ahead of us at times and other projects take precedence over others. Between buying a house in need of much love, a nasty custody case, blowing up other motors, replacing said blown up motors, and the incidentals of life. I just never got around to doing a proper roof for the ole girl...
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    Running a load of supplies to Houston. XM818

    So as many of us here have big hearts and like to help other in need, my better half decided that we're running a load to Houston. Year or so ago I put a deuce bed on the truck, so I'm not pulling a big trailer at least. So with barely 2 weeks notice, I've got to get a rig ready for 1400 mile...
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    How to not seal a tire / wheel properly

    Couple weeks back I used the 818 to help a old boy pull a lime truck out of his field. Buried deep in the mud. Finally got his truck out. Figured out a few days later that I thoroughly trashed a tire. Stripped it clean to the belts on the inside. Annoying, but not a big deal. Crap happens...
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    XM818 bed

    My XM818 mods & questions Been done before, but this one is mine. So I'll share. Did a crew cab conversion a year or so ago on our deuce. Had the bed left over bed sitting around taking up space since. My ex-wife killed my goal of a small company with our XM818 for the next several years with...
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    xm818 bed opinions

    I've been thinking about putting a bed on our 818. The lack of cargo capacity without pulling a trailer is bugging the snot out of me. After looking at about 10 pages of threads on it, I'd like to get current opinions. Benefits of a full size deuce bed over a cut down bed, deuce bed over a m105...
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    Crew cab build started

    Well after reading I don't know how many post's, gathering parts, metal and a cab over the last couple months. Our crew cab project is under way. Stripped the cab down and cleaned out all the crud from the back of the floor, & started to trim the extra cab down to size. I'm thinking I wont cut...
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    XM818 transfer case swap.

    So I have this unfortunate condition where I do not have the ability to leave well enough alone. It is called "Gotta Screw With It Itis". I have decided that I don't care for the sprag system on the M818. It's been not the most reliable since I got to even work a few weeks back (gummed up & and...
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    Cattle wagon camper build.

    We must be addicted by this point. Literally just got the XM818 ruunning & legal yesterday just to bring this home today. It never flipping ends & I'm out of yard space. About a 300 miles round trip. No real issues except loosening the winch pto shaft two miles into things, & a pleasant chat...
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    XM818 a semi failed recovery

    XM818 a semi failed recovery (It's alive) So we decided we wanted a 5 ton to run with our deuce. Did a lot reading & a good bit of shopping around. Finally settled on a XM818 from a member here. Timntrucks who is a first class dude & has been great to deal with. The wife & I left Springfield...
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    2014 KAMO Rally Buy Sell Trade

    Is it acceptable to bring extra parts to sell or trade. I'm switching over to 395's & I've got quite a few extra 9.00-20's & wheels now. Thank you
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    Prius pulling. A recovery of sorts.

    Likely not what your thinking. Not pulling Prius with a deuce, but pulling a deuce with a Prius. Yesterday we went on a 600 mile round trip recovery of a M105a2 and 13 9.00x20 tires and wheels. The trip there, our load out, and the first hundred miles back went real smooth. Then the fuel pump...
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    Air filter questions

    I'm wanting to know what type of air filter to run in a environment with heavy airborne particulate matter. Something on the order of a heavy sandstorm. Or what steps could be taken to protect my motor in such an environment should the need arise. My Google fu hasn't been of help on this. Thank you
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    What's you favorite upgrade?

    I'm curious as to what other members consider to be their favorite upgrade, accessory, or modification. Lights, tires, gun mount, etc.
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    tow bar storage mount

    So we bought a medium tow bar & the goodies to go with it yesterday, & now I'm in a quandary. I've been looking & I can't can't get a good idea of how to stow the damg thing properly on the truck. I saw a storage rack on egay, but I'm not wanting to spend another 200 bucks. So my question is...
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    Been working on her for a bit and figured I could post our progress up till now. Got her early January in Columbia Mo, and drove her home. 3430 and some in fuel. Was an uneventful four hour drive, except for one flat on the rear drive axle. Started digging into her promptly ( we didn't know...
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