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    Fan solenoid valve alternative.

    I like having alternatives…
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    A1R ignition relays

    Where are the 12 and 24v ignition relays K1 and K2 physically located on the A1R?
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    Alternative hydraulic hand pump.

    After some analysis and math, I decided to try this pump out and think it will work well for my needs… FYI…
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    winch configuration

    While looking at something else unrelated, I came across a discussion on here a while back regarding a type of side/mid mount winch installation. Unfortunately I didn't bookmark it and cannot now seem to find it again. Basically the cable started at the winch ran along the frame to a fairlead...
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    Air Dryer(old style) Clean and Inspect.

    Took my Air Dryer apart, cleaned the components, washed the media and checked the heater operation. I did not strip the purge valve as it is operating OK and the canister only had a little bit of emulsified oil in it.
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    Another A0 door handle and latch option.

    After a little measurement I came to the conclusion that Toyota door handles from a second generation(90-95) Toyota 4runner will cover(barely) the existing A0 door handle holes. Those from the 3rd gen(95-04) should also fit. The fronts have locks, the rears do not. I opted for the rear handles...
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    Manual CTIS, electric over pneumatic.

    Ok, so my CTIS ECU is a brick with 5 solid lights and if I spend too much more on this project my wife will probably bury me in it:) That being said, I am also a bit of a control freak so I am converting to manual CTIS. I have looked at the valve and regulator method but decided to go about it...
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    Ok, I guess I just joined the club...

    I won a GP bid this morning for a M1079 cab and chassis in Lakewood WA. I have a local guy who can help me trailer it home, does anyone know exactly where the lakewood vehicles are located? Now the fun begins...:)
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