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    Power steering fluid filter...

    This is an annual service item and I'm not finding any availability on the civilian market. It's a Bosch filter: NSN: 2910-01-375-7624 Part number: 3032141112, or 3032.141.112-0CB I have a surplus filter but curious if anyone has found a cross-reference that's commonly available.
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    CTIS wheel covers (CTIS Armor) - CAGE code?

    Anyone that has the factory CTIS wheel covers that protect the CTIS valve and hose assemblies - can you tell me if the CAGE code stamped on them is 19207 or something else? I'm looking for any past manufacturers of NSN# 2540-01-489-5928 Unfortunately they are listed with CAGE code of 19207...
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    !CLOSED! Cab Mount Group Buy. NEW OEM FMTV LMTV M1078, M1079, etc

    Group Buy Is Now CLOSED. All 50 sets are spoken for. Thanks to everyone! I am having 100 each of the thicker and 100 each of the thinner cab mounts manufactured for a group buy. Anyone that wants in please post here. Right now pricing is $30 for the thicker mounts, and $24 for the thinner...
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    Gen 2 air conditioning install with C7 A1R - notes and pictures thus far.

    I'm told by a MotorPool veteran of 20 years that "soft cab" trucks were basically never equipped with AC. He couldn't recall ever seeing one in fact. The A1P2 armored cab trucks all have it and in fact AC malfunction is a deadline. The AC only has to drop the ambient temp by 20 degrees F to be...
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    A1R rear axle locker (intermediate axle from MTV) questions.

    I've done some searches here on the forum but I haven't found any discussions about this...... So my A1R has the high-pinion rear axle. Basically the intermediate axle from the MTV with the output blocked off. So if I get a complete 3.07 intermediate third member...... don't those have some...
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    A1R - Haldex PURest™ Air Dryer.... turbo protection valve?!?

    I have serviced the dryer cartridge on my truck. In my reading and travels I come across this "turbo protection valve". I can't find much in the way of information related to this. The usual scumbags and others list this part...
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    C7 intake grid heater voltage drop. Normal?

    Video of the 14v gauge on cold start with the intake heater running. If you set the high idle it draws more power as more air is pulled across the heating element. Voltage goes back to 14v when the grid heater turns off. Having no frame of reference for normality I figured I would get opinions...
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    LBCD replacement due to loose studs. CARNAGE!!

    When addressing loose and corroded connections at the LBCD I noted that several studs were loose in the housing. After confirming with several members that this was a clear indication of failure (the unit is no longer sealed against moisture at the very least), I procured and installed a...
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    Caging bolt part number / size?

    2008 A1R if it matters. I find that one of my caging bolts is missing. Anyone know the size and/or part number? Also both of my canisters are missing the dust cover for the caging orifice - any ideas there? TIA!
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    Tie rod and drag link dust boot part number and links

    Bought some from an online military supplier (you know the ones) at huge markup. Measured them and found the part number from Energy Suspension. Here ya go: Energy Suspension 13013 This kit contains two (for $8.46):
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    2008 A1R with 260a charging questions

    Currently has a brand new N3221 voltage regulator (2012 vintage I believe - was new in the box with papers). The truck had a 2013 regulator when I picked it up in Houston. It died about 100 miles from Portland - 2600 miles into the trip back. I put in the brand new spare and drove the last 100...
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    M1079 government cost estimate? 2008 model.

    I'm just trying to get an idea of what the original purchase price to the military was on the M1079... I'm buying a 2008 from Wehring at the beginning of October. It looks like the van shelter was actually made by AAR? Would that have been purchased by BAE and installed on the chassis or...
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