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    GPW axle horrorshow

    Customer brought in his "new" jeep for some inspection and other work. Found the following when I got under it. Someone welded (badly) the steering arm to the knuckle housing. That "bolt" I'm holding was dropped in the hole, and is actually an oil pan drain plug. there's other serious issues...
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    M211 trail ride

    Not much of a road trip, maybe 100 odd miles total, but still fun. Most of the trails in the video were meant for quads or smaller vehicles. The 211 performed as expected, handling grades the M151 had problems with.
  3. J

    GPW transmission fun

    This was a "new" or "rebuilt" transmission, according to the owner. When I got it in, it wouldn't shift from 2~3 to 1~R. Pics say it all.
  4. J

    Another South Phoenix sighting.

    Yes, it's a M-35. But it's a 1955, M-35 .
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    Starter reccomendation

    The "heavy duty" starter I got from Amazon seems to be defective (Solenoid actuates, Motor spins but the fork hasn't shifted the gear far enough forward it seems) Installed a real starter relay already after the current owner toasted the laughable original along with the first starter...
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    Gasoline cooled ignitor unit!

    Working on a customer's M38 engine, and when I opened the ignitor, got a strong whiff of old gas. Everything was juicy with the stuff. Images tell more- I'll get images of the cap, but you can see that some combustion had been occasionally going on in there. The 'waterline' on the coil is...
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    Found in South Phoenix-

    Picking up parts, when I came across this. Did a double take til I realized what I was seeing.
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    Need a reccomendation for parts

    Need oil lines, that bracket that goes around the carb, and little stuff like decals, etc for finishing the resto on this F-head. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Semigloss/Satin black finish

    Been working on this M38A1, and as the layers of paint come off I keep finding semigloss black as the base coat on frame, front and rear diffs and suspension components. (The body seems to be that typical semi OD). Was this the factory finish that was oversprayed pre issue, or would the vehicle...
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    XM 410 steering box

    Need some help getting this box rebuilt. Obviously a Ross box, but it has no model or type numbers in the usual places. (just a single stamp, either "O" or "Zero".) Internally it's a HPS (702990 is the main housing cast number) but the main housing is aluminum. Internals are scrap...
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    Condor A350 parts-

    Got one in the shop. Basically all there but needs a lot of TLC and the little bits. (saddle bags, that map holder doohickey for the tank, one of the iso mounts for the exhaust, etc). Got emails in to people who used to import and sell them, but any of youall know of a source of parts? Thanks-
  12. J

    MV show, Phoenix AZ

    28&29 Jan., Arizona MV show, Peoria Sports Complex. Supposed to be a Hetzer and Sherman Jumbo there. "" is their site.
  13. J

    XM-410, Need Info.

    Not sure if this is the right area, but since it was kind of a proposed replacement- Maybe? (feel free to move to the proper area) I have XM-410 "Pilot No 4" in the yard. The owner has a nice collection of images and test reports, but other than some machinist's drawings of the brake calipers...
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