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    Drash/GET Perkins 20KW no fuel problem

    A new to me 2009 Hanco 20RFH33DWLP DRASH Shelter Transport Trailer, this is a Drash type generator and ECU combo. It has a Perkins engine that I believe model 404D-22T. Block tag indicates GP65664N and 740040T. Only a little over 300 hours. The problem is no fuel to injectors. Picture of the...
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    MEP-005A with a Deere engine?

    I was curious if anyone has any info on retrofitting a John Deere engine into a MEP-005A? One just was on a GL auction and it has me thinking.....It looked like it belonged to the Navy if that helps.
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    What is the current "Army" oil change interval for the M1009?

    I have had my New from GL M1009 on the road now for a little over a month and 800 miles and decided that it was time to change the oil. I had been checking to make sure that it was full... When I changed the oil I noticed that someone had written a date on the filter- and it was 7/19/99!?!? Had...
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