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    New toy - started YouTube channel for it - CVRT

    After over a year of research, and saving and planning and checking in I have finally obtained a CVRT fv103 Spartan. I wanted one in good working order but not so good that I felt like I had to restore it exactly to original. Also I like to work on vehicles and if it was all done up already I’d...
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    Looking for Recommended Transporters for Tracked APC

    After a year of research I finally purchased a tracked APC (CVRT FV103 Spartan). Now I am looking for companies that will transport tanks across the US and have done so in the past. Any recommendations? Thanks Mike Specs: Pick up Las Vegas NV Delivery Amherst NH Battle Wt (10670 Kg) actual less...
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    Brexit exports to the US

    Excuse my ignorance but financially I’m just getting to the point where I can seriously start discussions (and get approval ) from both my wallet and my wife for a CVRT. My window for purchase doesn’t open before summer and delivery before Jan 2020 would be inconvenient to my schedule. So that...
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    Any CVRT owners near southern nh?

    Continuing my research into ownership of a CVRT but have yet to actually see one up close. I live near Nashua nh and thought I’d check around to see if there’s anyone within an hour or so, that I could spend a few hours with me to show me theirs. Thanks Mike
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    Yard in RI

    It may already be known as I am new here but there is a yard in scituate RI called Halls Garage where I used to get parts for a 47 dodge COE. They had a few power wagons as well as an ammo truck. The open front looked like a gamma goat and the tear was a flat bed with inverted “U” arches along...
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    New member out of New Hampshire

    Always have been fascinated by armor. Spent the past 20 years restoring / maintaining personal vehicles as a hobby (71 Cuda , 47 dodge COE , 71 IH Scout, ‘21 Fordson, 1918 Walter Snow Fighter, etc.) and my finances are finally at a point that I can start seriously considering real armor. I’ve...
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