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    Anyone changed the fuel pump filter on NHC250?

    My wife thinks your bear is cute.
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    Anyone changed the fuel pump filter on NHC250?

    If you will notice, I stressed the word clean. How you get unfiltered from this is a mystery. I freely admit to destroying my pto, at that time I was new to the truck, and still learning. I had an other mechanic with me as we gave the truck a check ride after we change out the T-case, both of...
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    Anyone changed the fuel pump filter on NHC250?

    In the 25 years I have been working on these engines I have never needed to change this part. It is just a steel strainer that is on the output side of the injector pump. Rarely is it needed to disassemble this part, more chance to get dirt into the system if you mess with this. Only time I...
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    Just bought a m813a1 have a few questions

    I have seen old tires go away like what you are describing. The rubber degrades from 30 years exposure, it looks good,but it's cohesiveness goes away, it just peals off , leaving little particles like what you see from a pencil eraser. You can tell where the truck has been by following the black...
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    Source for NHC250 turbo

    Get the entire package from the donor vehicle, externally, all of the 855 cummins are alike. If you don't get all of the pieces, (crossover, down pipe, oil drain tube & ect., you will be making parts.
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    NH-250 Supercharged??

    Any Progress ?
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    813 body hoist installation

    In the original dump set-up , used on the m-51 and the m-817, the sub-frame accepted all of the stress associated with lifting the body. Commercial trucks using telescopic hoists employ a double frame to help resist bending loads at the hoist location. Our trucks only have a single frame. Is...
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    conversion of 4 batteries to 2?

    Read this page, some interesting ideas on extending lead/acid battery life.
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    M51 series winch conversion to Hydraulic

    Dear Ed Stephans, Please be advised that if you do go the hydraulic route to be sure the control valve used is a motor valve. A cylinder valve can ruin a motor if you go from pressure to neutral abruptly. Motor valve has internal pressure checks at the valve spool.
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    Which is the better power plant?

    Simpler is better in my book, hard to kill the old cummins. It's also hard to stay with traffic using one. If you are in a hurry,hot rod a deuce.
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    Cummins 250 v. 6CTA

    A 250 Cummins ( or any of the non-electronic 855 engines) will sound a lot smoother if the fuel injectors are adjusted by the dial-indicator method, and not the torque wrench method. All of my big cummins engines have a nice, rolling sound to them at idle, no jar of marbles for me. Dial...
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    Got a bui- bidding under the influence

    I would like some of whatever it was you were drinking. You got a nice looking truck, at a good price, good luck.
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    THANK YOU, 73m819, finally a reasonable explanation for the inner workings of the T-case clutches.That was so clear, even Helen Keller could see it.
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    To csm Davis. Front drive ratio in 5 ton transfer case is 1.06 to 1. Scarecrow is correct in the fact a different ratio exists front to rear, the difference is in the T-Case.
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    M817 Winch Destruction...the saga continues

    Check the drive yoke to winch shaft connection ( the place where your shear pin is). if rusted fast, the winch will turn, even without a shear pin. I would imagine you have already removed this piece, was it difficult to remove?
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    NH-250 Supercharged??

    NHC-250 lacks the oil cooled pistons common to it's larger brethren. Heat is your enemy. Using a 250 block as a basis for a high HP /torque engine would be similar to entering a boxing match with an arm tied behind you. Cummins made a whole host of engines in the 855 family with cooled pistons.
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    Starting without glow plugs?

    " a sniff may be needed. If your going to use it LEARN THE RIGHT WAY." The price for learning the right way can be the price of a new engine. Sniff means a sniff. It does not mean soak the filter element. It does not mean shoot the fluid into the air cleaner snoot till it drips. Best to...
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    Split Rim Safety

    This is a split rim. These are the ones that are illegal.They are the hub-less 'Dayton' type. The type with a center section (Budd type) is not a true 'split rim', but is properly termed a 'multi-piece' rim. 2 piece and...
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    Split Rim Safety

    About 30 years back, I had a 2-piece rim come apart when I was inflating it. All of the precautions I took likely saved my life. Chains were wrapped around the tire, through the 'hand' holes. Locking ring facing away from me, clamp-on inflater chuck. As the tire aired up, it separated...
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