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  1. J

    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    Very cool, definitely in for this, many thanks!
  2. J

    M151 A-1 Coil

    Part of the reason for the vent line was not cooling, it was to keep the ozone generated by the HV jumping across the distributor contacts from eating up the inside of the ignition unit. You won't flow enough air through that vent system to cool much of anything. The fins on the outside of the...
  3. J

    XM 410 steering box

    Yes, it was, my involvement with the project has been over for a while now.
  4. J

    Check out my Pre-Buy Check List?

    For "trans" , run it HARD in second, then quickly release the gas and see if it tries to jump into neutral. Seen more than a couple of "rebuilt" transmissions where they reused the "well loved" plate and shift lever.
  5. J

    XM 410 steering box

    "The guy wanted a value but given the rarity of the item it's one of those "whatever someone is willing to pay for it" situations." Very much so, there were only a handful built, and they use what at first look like off the shelf components, but turn out to not be. Only the engine...
  6. J

    XM-410, Need Info.

    Indeed, and it was very neat. Considering it's vintage, the thing was incredibly advanced. It makes many later 2.5 ton trucks seem primitive. 8 wheel drive, full torsion bar independent suspension, selectable through power diffs, (you could "depower" a diff unit, and still run drive to the...
  7. J

    XM-410, Need Info.

    It was not mine, I was working on it for someone else. With help from a friend, we got it to where it moved and steered, then the owner wanted to finish the rest. I've since closed my operation and moved to Kentucky.
  8. J

    Common Parts needed and repair info

    You can mount almost any 16" truck tire on there, but you have to make sure the rims are clean and smooth. Use "radial" tubes (not expecting you'll find anything else) and new rim flaps. One of the nicest M37's I ever dealt with had 11.00X16 Michelins , and other than low speed manuvering, the...
  9. J

    Common Parts needed and repair info

    Seconding MM. Midwest is my "go-to" for M37 stuff, their carb kits are especially well done.
  10. J

    '41 MB Electrical problems

    Generators have a "coming in " speed, where they make proper charging voltage. If one drives the vehicle around in parades or an occasional run around the block, they'll find the battery is often going flat. If you have a known good ammeter you'll note that the needle will point slightly...
  11. J

    GPW axle horrorshow

    Sorry for the slow reply, had a death in the family, then blew out my "good" knee. I'm planning on lining up a serviceable axle, (Thanks for the offer Bazookajoe, I'll keep you in mind!) then tearing into the one on the vehicle to asess the damage. What I'm expecting is more of the same...
  12. J

    M1009 Cargo Management

    I've made rigs like that, but never felt comfortable in them. A bit snug, and depending on the weather I've had condensation issues.
  13. J

    GPW axle horrorshow

    both sides are welded, so considering the other issues, he might be better off finding a serviceable/rebuilt front axle assembly. I'm betting that once I get into that front axle, there'll be a lot more wrong.
  14. J

    GPW axle horrorshow

    Sad, cause he just bought this jeep, and now has to throw a ton of money at it. Cosmetically it looks nice, but it's far more "show" than go.
  15. J

    GPW axle horrorshow

    Customer brought in his "new" jeep for some inspection and other work. Found the following when I got under it. Someone welded (badly) the steering arm to the knuckle housing. That "bolt" I'm holding was dropped in the hole, and is actually an oil pan drain plug. there's other serious issues...
  16. J

    Starter headache

    Had a couple "new" starters that would do this. Weak solenoid was not throwing the drive forward far enough.
  17. J

    Pinky, my M1009, is down for the count

    You need to tell him ' "They" just told me my truck was valued at $500,000. Pay more attention when driving, and less to "they".'.
  18. J

    Any experience with Colorbond interior dye/paint?

    Used a similar product on a couple of my trucks, works fairly well. You can't do radical color changes easily, if you have a black piece and paint it light tan, it will not quite match without numerous coats. I used soap&water and denatured alcohol for surface prep. Be careful if you use MEK or...
  19. J

    Transmission locked up-M151A2

    I've managed to free up ones that bad, but they sing like crazy and won't ever shift well or last long.
  20. J

    new starter worked only 3 times

    Loads of absolute garbage "New" CUCV starters out there. I scrounged two cores and had them rebuilt, just because I got sick of returning the very pretty looking, but useless "new" ones.
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