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    What type of steel fasteners for aluminum?

    Quick question. I ordered some stainless steel bolts, washer and nuts to mount tailgate, C pillar and cover the armor mounting holes. But after reading up on it, it looks like stainless would do more harm than good on aluminum. What type of surface coating should I look for instead? What is the...
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    Hard-top vs Soft Top

    I'm trying to decide whether to go with a hard top or soft top for the 4 man conversion. I was leaning towards soft top but then I saw a couple of videos showing the installation of the Plan B hard top and rear curtain. Seems well built and includes the C pillar which I need. The soft top I'm...
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    Connector/Breaker in Co-pilot rear seat compartment

    I'm converting my 2 seat truck to 4 seats and found this 2 pin 24V connector in the right rear footwell. It is live. There is a also a breaker behind the panel accessible behind the battery compartment. What was this connector used for? How do I find the mating connector/plug? Might be a good...
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    Couple of easy questions

    "2009" M1123 from Yermo. Making good progress going through the new truck. Changed oil/filter, replaced broken mirrors, reinstalled CDR valve. Interestingly, someone added a short hose in lieu of the CDR valve. Maybe this is a CA requirement - no open crankcase emissions. I do have a question...
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    4 wire cable next to dog house

    Going through my newly acquired 1123, I found a heavy duty cable coming out of the center console next to the dog house. The connector has 4 female sockets and there is a center nut to fasten the connector to the target device. Anybody know what this was connected to? Power supply to the radio...
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    Missing part?

    Need your help again! Here is a picture of the truck I bought at a recent auction (M1123). There are four bolts (upper left corner of pic) on the transmission support bracket that are not attached to anything. Is there a cross brace missing or did underbody armor go there? What is supposed to...
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    Arctic Softtop/Doors

    I have a two door M1123 coming with no doors or top. While it is supposed to be running it needs lots of stuff. E.g. I'd need the whole 4 door top/door kit. There are "arctic" versions (green) of the top and doors available. Looks like it just has some insulation between fabric layers. It might...
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    Missing cap on air inlet

    Hi guys, I recently won an M1123 at auction. Pictures show it is missing the cap on the air inlet-entire snorkel is missing. The vehicle is shown running. Once the truck is released it will be transported to the wet PNW for about 1000 miles. I understand there is a rubber drain valve at the...
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