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  1. M813rc

    Source found for Commando chevron tires

    That sounds pretty interesting! Please show it as it advances. If you need other details, measurements, let us know. Cheers
  2. M813rc

    Source found for Commando chevron tires

    I'm doing the same thing. I put the Commandos in storage, to be brought out if I ever do an MVPA convention or similar event with it, and am running regular 14.00s. While the original tires were "new" when I got them, as in zero miles, I don't want to risk running tires that old on the V...
  3. M813rc

    Source found for Commando chevron tires

    I was in Woohoo!! mode until I saw the 14.5-21 bit on the size. :sad: 21" rims that fit V100s are certainly easier to get (pretty much anything is easier to get than original V100 rims), and would make a good alternate for running the vehicle. I know that a lot of later V150s are/were running...
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