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  1. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M929A2

    Nearly a decade ago, I had my first ride in a deuce, a M109A2 made into a propane truck. It was loud, rough, the passenger seat was a pair of ammo cans, and the 14-year-old me thought it was neat but didn't give it much more thought. Up and down the rocky beaches where I grew up, Port...
  2. 71DeuceAK

    Absolute Last thing a moving college graduate could possibly need: Possible M246 Rescue

    In another folder in the proverbial file drawer of various MVs I've posted about trying to rescue... Awhile ago, someone tipped me off about an M246 (Gasser predecessor to the M819) sitting rotting in a yard full of junk. For those of you who haven't spent time living in Fairbanks, Alaska...
  3. 71DeuceAK

    Potential Alaska Get-Together?

    This idea popped into my head in January while flying back up to Fairbanks from an MV stint outside Minot, North Dakota: Alaska get-together perhaps? There are a few of us Deuce/5 ton guys in and around Anchorage and Fairbanks, plus other areas. One fellow member suggested maybe everyone...
  4. 71DeuceAK

    M939A2 No Air Building

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times over the 20 years of Steel Soldiers' existence by now, but I didn't find anything relevant with my search terms, or looking through the -10: '91 M923A2: Roommate's truck. We went to get it running today for the first time since parked October 2019...
  5. 71DeuceAK

    Thinking about pulling the Deuce Trigger Again

    As the title says, I may find myself ready to take the plunge before much longer. Work is picking up and I may be somewhat well funded by the end of next month. Of course there are always much better things to blow my money on, but the green fever generally results in depleted bank account...
  6. 71DeuceAK

    5 Ton Parts Weight List

    Recently, a long-dead but oh so very useful thread in the Deuce board was bumped by someone. Much as the title suggests, that one had people's experiences regarding weights of parts of these trucks, often helpful when getting shipping quotes or, worst case, estimating scrap value of unwanted...
  7. 71DeuceAK

    MWMULES, thank you

    Special thanks to Dave. We'd been talking for years but I finally happened to meet you at KAMO this year. You then proceeded to invite me to tag along to the GA rally a week later. Thanks for being willing to drag my irritating personality halfway across the United States and back, arrange...
  8. 71DeuceAK

    98G Hard earned thanks!

    Special thanks to John. I know this wouldn't be the first time, but nevertheless he is very deserving thereof. This guy hosted me for two weeks in his private home, proceeded to teach me "five" tons of information on M939s and a host of other MVs, and dragged me along to KAMO and to look at my...
  9. 71DeuceAK

    KAMO 2019/M928: Barking Dogs, Gear Oil, and Wheel Chocks (750mi in an M925)

    Was visiting fellow Steel Soldiers member 98G a few weeks ago in preparation for going to deal with my M928 project others have kindly nicknamed the "Banana Wagon". First I flew into Sitka, Alaska and visited with a childhood friend for a few days in preparation for flying out. Flew to Kansas...
  10. 71DeuceAK

    M923: Nipomo, CA > Bakersfield, CA

    Truck runs, drives, but isn't roadworthy. Some transmission issues (won't downshift under load) and not all lights work. Some air leaks when brakes applied. Runs enough to get onto a trailer no problem. Needs to be before the end of the month "or else" other words, it probably goes to...
  11. 71DeuceAK

    Member Meet Up Stories/Positive Interactions

    Recently, there was the suggestion posed elsewhere on the site that there should be some sort of a thread for this, so I figured I'd take the initiate it and broach the subject. Here are some of my really good stories, in roughly chronological order. Rkrug- Met up in Sitka, Alaska. Later went...
  12. 71DeuceAK

    Hoarders Deuce

    For those of you who watch A&E's "Hoarding: Buried Alive" in November there should be an episode airing about a house in Fairbanks, Alaska, with hundreds of vehicles in the yard. It's a local landmark I literally used to refer to, as I live maybe a mile from it: "The house on Farmer's Loop Road...
  13. 71DeuceAK

    Alaska M939 Title Issues

    Well, today was confuse the DMV clerks day! Long story short, apparently as the M939s didn't necessarily meet all the requirements post 1981, I need to have mine inspected. Problem is, it's located out of state. I went to DMV (a major state DMV in a major city, not a tag/title office) and...
  14. 71DeuceAK

    I Took the Plunge: 71DeuceAK's 1986 M928A1 Project

    Well, since the news has officially gotten out there, I will make the official announcement. I took the plunge and am acquiring an M928A1 that needs a motor. It may just be a head gasket but I'm assuming the best I'll get out of it is core charge or a scrap cash out until I get to go meet the...
  15. 71DeuceAK

    Commendations to Lindsey97, 98G

    Special thanks are in order to these two outstanding individuals. Thanks 98G for providing initial assessment on a vehicle (M939 series) through texted photos from a sale post, and Lindsey97 for going to put eyes on it and sending something like 37 more detailed photos thereof. Genuinely...
  16. 71DeuceAK

    M813A1 Transmission Air leak

    Working on a truck for someone else, although I did just actually sort of score my own: Loud air leak in an M813. Only happens in neutral and forward, not reverse. Upon pulling the trans doghouse in the cab, there is what appears to be a female threaded plug fitting with nothing there. I...
  17. 71DeuceAK

    Special Commendation to 98G

    I cannot tell you how many times John/98G has helped me. Yesterday his texting pointers and items to check resulted in me making smoke and noise on an M813A1 dump conversion (not mine, a friend's I volunteered to work on) that had been sitting. Not only that, he even texted me later in the...
  18. 71DeuceAK

    M939 Frames...

    So, as I understand it, the early M939s (at least the M923/M925) were built on old M813 frames (M809 series). I assume this held true for the other variants as well. Question- When did this stop? When were new, purpose-built frames used instead?
  19. 71DeuceAK

    M1070 Newbie Wannabe, Tell me about them!

    I've been lurking and posting here for years now, and of course planning on getting a Deuce, then an M939 series 5 ton (Definitely getting an M939 of some sort one of these days at all costs!) But I think I finally had the proverbial fire lit under my feet to get an M1070 HET at some point, way...
  20. 71DeuceAK

    Getting an M939 Running for the First Time in Years

    Alright, I tried the search for this but didn't have any luck; my apologies if there already multiple similar threads out there that are along the same lines as this. I'm looking into saving an M939 from a local junk yard. I'm going to look at it in detail on Friday or Monday hopefully but in...
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