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  1. lovebloodhounds

    No brakes

    I think the air assist has gone bad anyone near Nashville north Carolina can help be greatly appreciated
  2. lovebloodhounds

    lowboy hauler from Raleigh N.C. to Coshocton Ohio

    Need my m35a2 and a m332 trailer hauled from Raleigh N.C. to Coshocton Ohio can any one help thank u ken
  3. lovebloodhounds

    Help with oil change on 71 m35a2c

    wondering how many gallons of oil it takes and the carquest numbers for filters plz thank you all Kenneth Nunnery
  4. lovebloodhounds

    Info on who rebuilds turbos

    I need info on who rebuilds a c turbo mine blow can anyone help. thank you kenneth
  5. lovebloodhounds

    Need multifuel parts

    I need the exsuast pipe from manifold of a non turbo truck also the intake part to air cleaner . Thank you Kenneth
  6. lovebloodhounds

    Turbo blown

    my tubo blew up the other night nd here is whats left. As you can see for some reason it also tried to run away . Man tht oil smells bad . There is no oil in the water or water in the oil do you think the motor is ok. Thanks kenneth
  7. lovebloodhounds

    What branches of the military used the mule

    I was curious what branches used the mule also were there any strata blue mules? thanks Kenneth
  8. lovebloodhounds

    M105 camper the start

    I started building the shell for the 105 camper . i have a few more things to do cut out for other window and paint, insulate, wire in lights but here are some pics remember im no welder or mechinist thanks Kenneth
  9. lovebloodhounds

    5.9 cummins in M1009

    I am thinking of getting a m1009 and was wondering will a 5.9 cummins out of a 95 dodge fit in a cucv ? my dodge is a pill of junk front end problems all the time and trans problems but over 200,000 on motor and never done anything but normal mantinace. love that cummins . were could i find...
  10. lovebloodhounds

    Question on deuce tires?

    i hope to start cutting some nice oak tops if gentleman lets me . My question is the path in the cutover is red Clay what is the easiest way to anvigate through my tires are worn down not much tread can i put a chian though both rearsand tighten with a boltto help the Clay is very slippery thank...
  11. lovebloodhounds

    I need a front brake drum in N.C.

    i was trying to put front brakes on my deuce today and noticed a crack in it dont know if i did it or already there but if any one can help i would be in your debt thank you kenneth
  12. lovebloodhounds

    ? about m38

    can someone help me i found a 49 m38 i beleive. i need to now how can i tell if it is a m38 or a mb it has the flat fenders in front. body is gone but drivetrain is good but has a pinto motor in it he said it runs but hasnt in several years. he only whats 50.00$ for it it well take alt of time...
  13. lovebloodhounds

    Multifuel injectors ?

    Hello all i have two injectors leaking fuel from somewere . fuel is collecting under the ring that holds it down. any ideas on what the case and how to fix i do not have manuel for injector repair. please help Thank you Kenneth PS here is a new pic
  14. lovebloodhounds

    62 M37B1 for sale

    I am thinking of saleing my M37 i need a good gas milage car diesel is getting to high . about truck body great troop seats electronic ignition locking hubs good tires its needs wheel cylinders all and rear axle seals also think it may need a generator it does not seem to be charging. i did...
  15. lovebloodhounds

    M37 owners

    i have a ? i need front and rear axle seals for my M37b1 were is the best place to get them. vintage power has them but alittle pricy. Thanks Kenneth
  16. lovebloodhounds

    Tips on installing front axle boots

    I know it has been cover many times but please help any suggestions on the easy way to put the front axle booots on a deuce .please help they are wipping me . thank you all Kenneth
  17. lovebloodhounds

    Just won a 1/4 ton tool trailer

    I won the tool trailer on GSA located in morganton N.C. today alot rust but seemed surface. Kenneth
  18. lovebloodhounds

    62 M37 for sale

    :( I have a 62 M37B1 in great shape missing some miner parts but original al but i put eleactronic egnition in it runs like a top has troop seats and some extra parts . would like to keep it here amongst friends and some one who want destroy it truck is great hate to let it go but life status...
  19. lovebloodhounds

    Over charging M37

    Comeing home today and noticed the gauge showed i was overcharing are it was in the red have not had time to check it out but what might yall think is the problem? Thanks kenneth
  20. lovebloodhounds


    I was told the tm9-1840c manual could help with me find out more on my m37 want to know what branch last used maybe the numbers for the hood and any other things that might be on it my serial nimber is 2668016950 mine is stamped on thepassenger side. thank you for any info Kenneth
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