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  1. The King Machine

    Canadians! Form up! We are being attacked.

    Fellow Canadian military vehicle enthusiasts, I write this to you all today as an appeal for help. Not for me but for our hoppy and love of our vehicles. the BC government, ICBC, and the CVSE are actively trying to remove our vehicles from the road and indirectly prevent further importation...
  2. The King Machine

    An American HMMWV in Canada

    I bought this truck March 13 2020 from Government Auction out in California. Not a word of a lie………it just showed up on a flat deck here in Canada 2 days ago. I have a family now, my Deuce just didn’t fit the bill. Its adventures are not over, only just beginning I hope. However this HUMVEE...
  3. The King Machine

    The "While you're in there thread"

    Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have a few fixes and upgrades I need to start and finish on my Deuce. Up until this point I have referenced the TM's, various Threads, and even PM'd some of the more experienced members for advice on how to deal with certain problems or issues I've come across...
  4. The King Machine

    Locked rear axles

    Over the Christmas break I'm going to be bringing my Deuce into the shop for her yearly tear down. I have a whole lot of work to do, including installing my air shift T-case, air-o-matic steering, air dryer, and a number of other things. She will be one **** of a nasty beast by spring. Like she...
  5. The King Machine

    I imploded my winch.

    I'm trying to figure out how I destroyed my winch. I would much appreciate any thoughts you guys have on this event. Now the first thing I could have done was not keep the bumper handle engaged, I'll remember that for next time. My question is, How could me shifting the truck in reverse...
  6. The King Machine

    An American Deuce in Canada

    I bought this truck last year, It is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've been doing alot of work on her. I take it off road often and battle the pesky UNIMOG's that roam the back woods around here. Everyone loves the deuce. Heres a couple pics I plan on locking up all 3...
  7. The King Machine

    Salutations from Canada

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a 1963 M35a2 on tuesday. I will have cash in hand. It's a turbo multi fueled soft top with a winch. I'm hopeful it's in decent shape, If so i'll be the proud new owner of a true tuff truck. This site is great,search and read for hours thanks Brodie from BC
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