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    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    Have any more complete crane units and how. Much please?

    Looking for an M109A3 Van Body Parts list

    One of my friends has 15 or more van boxes he told me $400 each you pick. 417-850-4939

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Sucking air in from some where up stream in fuel system

    Engine swap, jake brake

    Caution, do not go too wild, your transfer case will not handle double horse power up grade forvery long.

    Custom camper for my M923A2

    What about making it a skid camper with jacks to unload and that hooks into the side bed hinge points that the side being removed would leave open, and make the camper fill the whole bed and the tailgate would attach to camper when not stopped, have a ladder that hangs on rear of camper like the...

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    M925a2 being used as farm chemical spray tender has 1500 gallon water tank and 300 gallon tank plus pumps and hoses comes to 16000 lbs

    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    ntc250 price what are you asking for a ntc250

    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    Looking for a ntc-250 crank or a running 8.3?

    M816 Maximum Lifting Height?

    I own a m816, i would put a flag pole on the end off of a receiver hitch bolted on the flag would be 18 foot plus you pole bottom end


    In the past the shop deuce had a generator and welder that run off the transfer case pto, there is a man in butler mo who has one.

    818 now with turbo and pics.

    I want a turbo but I have a 290 sitting in a wrecked cab over waiting to move into my m816 the 290 had a few tweeks to make the truck a little faster on the road which should make the 34000 lbs m816 a little faster on the road. I hope.

    Air Assisted Power Steering

    I learned the hard way as to the order of the air lines to the cylinder, if installed backwards it will act like a large windshield wiper turning left to right then right to left and not stop until the air is depleated.

    strech 816 into 819?

    Ever thought of using a dolly

    BFR Metals, Salina Kansas, a Goodie Hole

    Do you have a long wheel base with air brake axles. How much?

    multifuel "C" turbo on M35A3 ?

    Mod the exhaust after the turbo to make it whisle

    Hercules multifuel engine needed

    Carthage mo 417 850 4939

    Death of a Multifuel

    joplin mo $550.00

    NHC 250 fuel problem

    your PT pump has a internal leck sucking air in and starving the fuel system

    Deuce/5 ton ROPS Kit?

    we do not need OSHA and DOT getting together and causing problems

    Yards/surplus in Missouri and Illinois

    Northgate Army Trucks & Parts‎ 11682 County Road 137 Carthage, MO 64836-7518 Carl Ritter passed away over a year ago, all of his inventory is still where left it his sons have not decided what to do with it surplus usa on the west side of joplin has m109s
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