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  1. LowTech

    Front main seal replacement

    I'm getting ready to replace my leaking front seal and I'm wondering if the pullers referred to in the TM are available as loaner tools from some place like Napa, or are they specialized tools for this motor? And of course, any tips?
  2. LowTech

    M146 landing gear crank handle

    Has anyone had to replace their crank handle and have a source? Have a trailer that is missing both of them so I can't even do a match up. A civi one would be fine.
  3. LowTech

    Did have a Deuce down, Southern Arizona

    Down on hywy 86 SW of Tucson. On the rez w/ no services. Looking to borrow a tow bar to get me about 160 miles from here. Can arrange to have the T-bar picked up if in the Tucson area.
  4. LowTech

    4 Tires moved from Ridgeway Co - Grand Junction Co

    I need 4, G-177 ' s on rims moved from Ridgeway before fri 15th, to Grand Junction, or somewhere close, and held, so that they can be picked up on the 20th. Pick up location would need semi access. Recovery from Ridgway could be w/ a truck , van, or trailer. Please contact asap if you can...
  5. LowTech

    4 tires from SW Colorado to Reno

    Looking to have 4 G177's on rims moved from Ridgway Co to Reno. The tires are loose and not on a pallet. Have a bit of a deadline but might be able work around it.
  6. LowTech

    Side of the road (again)

    Not that I really have anywhere else to be once I start having issues. :-] The issues, was running up hill for about 30 miles, was in 4th, just keeping it from overheating. Then it seemed like something popped. Couldn't really hear it well, ear plugs and music, but then I lost a lot of...
  7. LowTech

    900x20 tires needed. Woman on a road trip.4-corners area

    Anyone in the 4-corners area that has any 900x20 tires. Have a woman friend that is now w/o a spare. So far she's lost two tires and now is running w/o a spare. Willing to buy if there are any in the area. Her route is from Holbrook, Az to Silverton, Co. I'm in contact and can pass on any...
  8. LowTech

    Trying NOT to slay the Draggin'

    Now that I have the engine stripped down to take the heads off, a couple questions. When you pull the pushrod out "incorrectly", how do you set the lifter back where it belongs? :) And, Do you need to take the injectors out? If so, how do you make them come loose? Thanks all
  9. LowTech

    Deuce Front shock civi part numbers

    In my non-existent spare time I did a bunch of info gathering on this subject. First off, thank you Peashooter for pushing me in the right direction. I started w/ the info I got from Peashooter about the two different shocks, but I didn't like the lack of real info about them on Amazon. So then...
  10. LowTech

    Pushing an M146

    The latest 146 coming into our compound ended up sitting on the side of the road. True, it was the dirt road in front of the compound, and true, it never gets used by anyone but us (it ends do to disuse just past compound) but it still was a drag. I pulled the trailer here in early Jan. The prob...
  11. LowTech

    M146 conversion - Spacial Transformations style

    I'm suppose to be working on my M796+Shelter Live-in, but I'm not! This 146 has been taking my time, so I thought I should prob post up some pictures of it. First off I needed a deck for it (we don't have enough ladders and they're a pain when your working in it) So I designed this as a...
  12. LowTech

    Deuce reg in Cali?

    Hey all, I've got a friend that is trying to change the reg on a truck in SoCal and they're giving him the run around. I can't help because I'm reg'd in Arizona, and Tuff's She Beast is reg'd in Cali as an RV. The truck's aready been reg'd as comercial and he's trying to change it to non-, and...
  13. LowTech

    Member Map

    I've tried several times over the last few months and I can't get the map to load. It always hangs on the "map loading" part. I'm sure that it's something here, being that others have posted about the map just a couple months back (and NOT that it wasn't working) I'm using the current FF as a...
  14. LowTech

    Shelter ladder storage?

    I've wondered about this loads over the last few years, and now that I have a shelter hanging out in the bed I really have been head scratching. Was there a standard way of mounting the ladder when the bed is filled w/ a shelter. Did it just get transported on the floor of the shelter? Doesn't...
  15. LowTech

    Bolster Shackles?

    I've been searching for shackles for the M796 Bolster trailer. I haven't been able to find any and don't know if I want to use some civy version. It says it the TM that there are 14 of these shackles. After counting out the set up, I'm thinking that the ones they use for the safety chains are...
  16. LowTech

    5th wheel pin sizes

    I've heard a lot, and did a bunch of online searching, and I'm still not sure how to determine pin size and what a plate will handle. I hear about 2 3/4", 3", and even 2 1/4". Is this the length? What about dia? How do you know what a plate will handle? Is there a way to measure the throught...
  17. LowTech

    Stripping a comm shelter

    Just recently picked up this shelter and I'm in the process of pulling everything out so that I can use it as a live-in shelter. It's a S448 / TSC 60 (V) 1 and it still has some components. Are any of these worth anything? I'm sure the cables are, but anything else?
  18. LowTech

    M109 She Beast is down - Fuel System Failure

    On 6 between the Cali stateline and the turn to N 360. It looks like we are West of Mnt Montgomery on the map. Have food and shelter w/ the rig. The problem - non starting. Will start on starting fluid, then dies. Don't have loads of info because I'm not driving her. I do have the Draggin here...
  19. LowTech

    My M796 Work Trailer/Camper Build

    This spring I picked up a Bolster trailer from Quickfarms, it was going to be scrapped. I'm going to use it as the base for a working hauler, and as the base for my live-in box. At the moment I'm looking at something like the S280 shelter to be the box. Though I am liking those shelters that...
  20. LowTech

    Riding the Draggin'

    Tuff needed some alone time to create more beautiful things, and I needed to do some work on "MY" rig. So I'm out here on a solo trip. I've done so much work on the She Beast over the last few years, and then I realized one day . . . I'm a dependent! All the fuel processing set-up was on her...
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