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  1. Jeff Nelson

    Electrical Connection Isolating "Goop" - what is it?

    If I may make another suggestion for you... On all my vehicles, I use a product called "copper shield". It looks like a copper paste with a consistency similar to grease. I put a small amount on the post where the battery cable clamp sits. It make the post/clamp interface air tight and promotes...
  2. Jeff Nelson

    AZ Registration? Is yours commercial?!!!

    I have a 69 KJ Deuce and it's registered like any other pickup. Non-comercial, non-historic, etc. Just regular old plates. Of course, I did go to a third party place where I was prepared to have to explain what an M35A2 was. Turns out she was is the Army and drove one. So, no hassle at all for...
  3. Jeff Nelson

    Preparing the M45 530C

    Darn kids... Always want to do something fun... Sometimes a cold one just has to take priority!
  4. Jeff Nelson

    Extended high/low shifter

    In my case, the accuracy of my memory is rivaled only by its brevity. In other words, I can remember everything precisely, but only for micro-seconds. Plus I never get lost; I just have a series of unplanned adventures...:roll:
  5. Jeff Nelson

    Push Button light Switch, fire hazard??

    Reminds me of the old adage "Never build something with five parts when you can do it with twenty-five...."
  6. Jeff Nelson

    M35A2 trouble shooting starter/electrical problem

    Well, just note that I have *never* done anything like that (today). The day isn't over yet, however. Wait! I do have an ex, so there is that one mistake..... ��
  7. Jeff Nelson

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Did a bunch of stuff. Thanks to Castle Bravo (5-ton parts...), I mounted a 5-ton air cleaner where the fuel tank was, a tool box with step to become the new battery box, and a spare tire mount with crane behind the cab. Left side mods will be a step to replace the old tool box with fuel filters...
  8. Jeff Nelson

    "Replica" Air Force Deuce

    That's what I was thinking. I always try for 'tastefully unique"....
  9. Jeff Nelson

    "Replica" Air Force Deuce

    Ok, Flame away. After owning my '69 Deuce (Doose, Duce, Duece, etc...) for about two years, I'm finally working on it. Putting 5-ton steps and spare tire mount on it, moving the tank to the left side, 5-ton air cleaner where the tank was, and more. Thanks to Castle Bravo, I've got an M105 bed...
  10. Jeff Nelson

    What is this lever underneath the dash?

    :funny: Rain washes both sides of the windows? Do Deuces leak??
  11. Jeff Nelson

    S250 Comm Shelter Project - HAM & Military Radios

    Not a problem! I've got lots of ideas. Some of them even work... usually.... By the way, I do a lot of work in Industrial Automation, Mining, Semiconductor, Aerospace, and more. It's amazing what is available in one industry that those in another have never heard about. If you need help finding...
  12. Jeff Nelson

    S250 Comm Shelter Project - HAM & Military Radios

    Just as an option for you, I've used these shock mounts for sensitive equipment. Regards, Jeff
  13. Jeff Nelson

    Spin-on Fuel Filters

    Just a quick question.. Great thread, by the way. Is there any reason, regarding the physical location of the filters, that they are where they are? Except for wanting to keep the overall distance to a minimum, could all three be located next to the tank, for example? I have some plans for my...
  14. Jeff Nelson

    Thanks to Castle Bravo

    Just a quick note of thanks to Matt (Castle Bravo) for helping me find an M105 for my Deuce. He certainly went above and beyond...
  15. Jeff Nelson

    Electrical Starting Issue

  16. Jeff Nelson


    I fixed one for another member a while ago. If I remember correctly, I made a formal schematic of it. If it helps, I'll try to post it within the next day or so.
  17. Jeff Nelson

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Finally got a chance to work on "Moose", my 69 KJ M35A2. Went to pull the seats so I could install a rebuilt springer and found that AZvarmit had removed the bed and sold it for me. So now I'm committed to my bobber project. By the way, I need to pass on that AZvarmit (Bill) and CastleBravo...
  18. Jeff Nelson

    What's your Deuces' name?

    That's why I went with "Moose"... Safer. My wife's name is Lynda; my ex's name is Linda. My butt has been saved from the wringer a couple of times because of that!
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