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  1. Loose Deuce

    Torque specs.

    which TM has the torque specs ? I wanted to check my injector hold down bolts.
  2. Loose Deuce

    how to remove the fuel pump on IP

    How can you remove the fuel pump that's on the side of the Injector pump while the injector pump is still on the motor ? That steering column at the steering gear box is in the way. I took the 4 bolts out where the column mounts the gear box, but it wont come out and I loosened the column in the...
  3. Loose Deuce

    Best Hoses

    are those blue hoses you see sometimes, made of silicone and are they the best ????:???:
  4. Loose Deuce

    Deuce Venders ?

    Is there a list of Deuce Part's venders anywhere on the Forums ?
  5. Loose Deuce

    10 ton Tractor

    Any one know what the model number of the 60"s era 10 Ton's with fifth wheel are ? I was going to look and see if there was any discussions about them.
  6. Loose Deuce

    Thinking about a trade , Maybe ?

    I do like Military Vehicles but I think most are too labor intensive (PM). I been thinking about trading my Deuce for a good running School Bus w/ a diesel that's equal in value. It shore wont have the cool factor as a MV. Most of everything on a school bus will be a lot cheaper too.
  7. Loose Deuce

    Printing Posts

    is there an easy way to print a post without printing the whole thread ????
  8. Loose Deuce

    Engine Wont Run After Setting Up For 2 YEARS.

    this my first post in many years so here goes. My deuce has been sitting up for several years because of health problems and just plain laziness. It started but ran bad, made it about 100 feet and it shut down and cant get it to run. It will try and run when spraying Either in the Air Intake...
  9. Loose Deuce

    Deuce Battries

    anyone come across a cheap sorce for NEW Military or same size aftermarket Battries ? I been thinking about getting two Wal-Mart high cranking amp Battries and fit them in somehow.
  10. Loose Deuce

    Parts For Sale

    Decided to sell all my Deuce Goodies on Ebay. I was going to do a restoration but decided to sell out. Its too hard to keep a deuce up when your Disable. I will have more items after these too. my ebay name is ( balachitto-dan53 ) if anyone is intrested. my email is
  11. Loose Deuce

    Time for Fresh Battries

    What are you guys doing about battery replacement ? I have two NAPA Battries that have finally gave up and dont want to pay $450.00 or more for another set. I've havent been visiting the forum lately so I probably have missed a lot.
  12. Loose Deuce

    Selling My Deuce

    I want to sell my Deuce, where is the proper place to list it on this forum ? Its a 1969 Kaiser Jeep with everything working, can post photos later. Dannell Boyd Magnolia, MS. 601-783-2983
  13. Loose Deuce

    Fuel Stabilizer

    What is a good Diesel Fuel Stabilizer or additive to but in Fuel for long term storage or is that possible. I looked at my local wal-mart but could only find stabilizers for Gas.:?:
  14. Loose Deuce

    Two Questions

    Is it possible to get a new emergency air valve for the deuce, the hand valve at the glad hand coupling ? Mine doesn't work and I have it plugged off for now. I wanted to get an original type before I had to start modifying it. I may have to get a used one instead. last question, anyone...
  15. Loose Deuce

    Canvas or Vynal Covers ?

    Hey When did the Vynal Cargo and Cab Covers start coming out ? I'm thinking about restoring me Deuce to its original color for 1969 but I'm not sure what to do about the covers yet. I know they had the Canvas, and that looks great but they leak and rot so I was wondering if the OD Green Covers...
  16. Loose Deuce

    Tailgate Rubber Bumpers

    I saw these in Saturns Deuce parts and was wondering where do they go ? Dont beleieve I ever saw any before, what do they look like ? $12.00 each :D
  17. Loose Deuce

    Turn Signal indicator bulb

    Where can I get a indicator bulb for my turn signal on the steering colum ? the bulb has 24V3W I guess it means 24 Volt, and 3 watts ? Saturn didn't have any.
  18. Loose Deuce

    Newer E-Brake

    Anyone know where I can get all the parts to convert my Deuce's Old E-Brake handle set up to the newer type that has the adjustable knob ? Used parts will do just fine.
  19. Loose Deuce

    Fuel Prices

    Well the Diesel is $3.85 a gallon :cry: in my area now and the Tax Exempt Farm Diesel is $3.30. South Mississippi What about your Area
  20. Loose Deuce

    Air Intake

    Who sells a 3½" L shaped pipe with a decent bend radius ? I havent seen an original air intake pipe for fording it may be just what I want ? I'm having trouble findind a L with the proper bend so it will look good, so far all I have seen from aftermarket is crappy radius bends. May have to use...
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