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  1. 71DeuceAK

    Haspin 2022

    Hoping to be there Sat afternoon/Sun morning.
  2. 71DeuceAK

    Newly purchased M923A2 advice

    Welcome to the site and the hobby! The M939 series trucks are fun and very useful. There are lots of guys on here who will be happy to help. Re: hard tops, I’d say whatever you can get your hands on, though of course fiberglass won’t rust. As for your alternator and wanting an upgrade to...
  3. 71DeuceAK

    Fellow A3 owner

    Welcome! Where in the state? I lived in Southeast and went to college in Fairbanks.
  4. 71DeuceAK

    Findlay Ohio 2022 show, Sell, Trade, Wanted List/ May19-22

    Great trip. Got to see a couple people I hadn’t seen in a few years (Gimpyrob and MwMules) and met a few others. Went and made a couple other stops at other owners’ places as well.
  5. 71DeuceAK

    Haspin 2022

    Got an exact address?
  6. 71DeuceAK

    One year ago today

    Ken, I feel ya. These trucks aren’t just a truck. This hobby changed and probably saved my life. My current circumstances are entirely a result of these trucks. Thanks for sharing. There is nothing like these trucks.
  7. 71DeuceAK

    Haspin 2022

    Thanks for the info. Might need to find/bring some camping gear.
  8. 71DeuceAK

    Haspin 2022

    How might one go about RSVP’ing? Any details on accommodations?
  9. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M929A2

    Still fighting the fuel system. New filter in order, gonna go from there, also pull the pickup tube in the tank.
  10. 71DeuceAK

    Customer Build

  11. 71DeuceAK

    New to me M923A2

    Best darn trucks ever built. Wouldn’t trade the 5 tons for anything. Where’d you find her?
  12. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M929A2

    Got a spare tire today, was originally with the truck but didn’t get to go pick it up until now. Needs a valve stem and possibly a gasket. Was heavy but not too bad with three of us. It had sat in a cornfield for over a year, planted around by farmer, got it in a dump trailer and dropped and...
  13. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M929A2

    Good thoughts. I’m going to probably stay incandescent for now with the lights. (BTW, how do I activate the hazards/4 way flashers? Never been able to do that successfully). I’ll try the business card on my suspected exhaust leak. Do I try and fire her up with that in there and see if it stops...
  14. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M929A2

    Found I might have an exhaust leak, Although I don’t think it’s the manifold. Rather, I think it’s where it exits the turbo charger. At first, I thought it was steam, since I have started up the truck on a damn 40° weather day, but it definitely smells like diesel smoke in there under the hood...
  15. 71DeuceAK

    71DeuceAK's M929A2

    Trying to actually maybe make this thing road legal and DOT-passable (as much as one of these will). Ran it in the Christmas parade, where a shakedown voyage on this gigantic beast without plates wouldn’t draw the wrong kind of attention. At least I found a good list of issues I have in...
  16. 71DeuceAK

    Bringing My MV Home

    I remember a night spent in the cab of an M925, 31 degree overnight low that killed my phone and circulation to my toes. It may be rough but you will remember this adventure for a lifetime!
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