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  1. Odyssey M

    PCSing from PCB, Fl. to Colorad Springs (May 2013)

    It looks like the family and I will be heading out to Colorado for the next duty station. I plan on setting up a two vehicle convoy with the wife packing the dogs and kids. I will cover her six with the mighty M35A2. I'll be going over the Deuce with a fine-toothed comb during the next several...
  2. Odyssey M

    Kudzu "kudzuol" and a multifuel?

    I did a quick search here on kudzu with no hits. So, I throw this out for discussion: Any opinions on the use of homemade "kudzuol" in a multifuel (I think the ethanol based components would destroy an engine over time)? Kudzu is about to eat my yard. I'd love to put it to good use...Or...
  3. Odyssey M

    "Friendlier" MV state: OK or CO?

    So, at the moment I am leaning forward on possible PCS options (Oklahoma or Colorado). Among many other important deciding factors, I am also considering State/Municipality friendliness to the MV hobby. Any inputs or points to ponder? Vote tally: CO- OK-
  4. Odyssey M

    The Ural 750 rebuild...perpetual project

    So here are some pics of my rebuild. I have been balancing this project between deuce work and the wife/kid--so of course it is taking forever... Any other Ural wrenchers out there? I sure would like to pick your brain.
  5. Odyssey M

    Oil spray across rear hubs

    After viewing the pics, would you say I have a problem? I know the root problem is that I bought a deuce... Now with that said, any inputs on whether or not this is an indication of a serious problem-or just the fact of owning a FMV? The rig was refitted just a few hundred miles ago, so I am...
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