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  1. Heavysteven

    Video How to clean a axle spring vent

    Thought I would make a video going over to how clean an axle spring vent. A clogged spring vent will cause the axle to over pressurize and blow gear oil out the hub.
  2. Heavysteven

    M35A2 Engine Review

    I made a video last going the engine bay on a M35A2. Hopefully this will help new owners what ever thing is called. I winged it and only did one take.
  3. Heavysteven


    Test video
  4. Heavysteven

    CARNAC's Deuce

    Here are some pictures of CARNAC duece. M35A2 on new (yes new) A3 tires and rims. With winch. Loading pics one sec
  5. Heavysteven

    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    Ok, I wanted to start a new thread with photo's to help out with a common issue. Fuel Guage Does Not Work. Yes, I know you can use a multimeter but I think this way is easy. First there are two grounds, one on the frame near the tank and the other behind the gauge. If your gauge does not work...
  6. Heavysteven

    Working on the Deuce

    Decided I am going to start working on the deuce when I have spare time. Between work and family have not gotten much done. So today new wiper upgrade.
  7. Heavysteven

    Oil Leak from exhaust

    Looking for some help to trouble shot and fix an oil leak that showed up today. It's coming from around the band clamp connected to the j pipe. I post some pictures using tapatap. Turbo seals, engine seals, where do I start? When I searched, I came to the conclusion that it was due to idling...
  8. Heavysteven


  9. Heavysteven

    Proper Air Pack Lube

    I want to go on the record and say I think the proper way to lube the airpack is to 1. Remove the cover plate 2. Remove the incoming air line 3. Squart Tool Oil in the incoing valve 4. Reinstall the cover plate 5. Remove the discharge 6. Cycle the brake pedal Putting air tool oil in the...
  10. Heavysteven

    Slobber Tube Opening LDT

    Why is there two opening on the slobber tube that runs down by the turbo? One is the for the fuel and mc to vent to, but the other I don't understand. Am I missing something or should i plug it Also, why does my intake on the compress look so much different than others? It's also empty and...
  11. Heavysteven

    Turbo Discharge Hose?

    Looking to see if any knows where i can buy this hose. It's red 2"dia and i am looking for a replacement new if possible. So far no luck with my sources, but before i call a dealer does anyone know a source?
  12. Heavysteven

    More Rear Axle Seal Questions

    I have a couple of question I wanted to ask while replacing the rear seals. 1. Can a standard pallet jack be used to remove the hub assembly? Anyone ever tried it. 2. If the inner bearing does not easily come off, can I pry against the seal to remove it? I would use the axle flange against the...
  13. Heavysteven

    Touch Pad Light Control Fail

    Well, my nice touch pad light controller is not working. Only about half the modes work. I followed the direction perfectly to. The ground is perfect. So guess I am going to put the old three way in till I can trouble shot. I am so upset because it really adds a modern feel to the interior. Any...
  14. Heavysteven

    Seal & Boot Failure Again

    So after finding oil in the wheel well I dicided it was time to investigate. After all I had just replaced all the seal and boots in my front axle in the spring. I went through everything cleaned greased and inspected. So I thought it might have been the wheel cylinder. Tried to just remove the...
  15. Heavysteven

    Rear brake lines Zip tied y?

    Ok, replaced the brake lines in the rear. Why are they zip tied to the dog bones in the rear. Is this a requirement? Side note pedal stops 2.5" from floor correct?
  16. Heavysteven

    Radiator Rust

    Well, the support frame on my radiator is rusted:(. I knew it was a problem but was not on the top of my list till now. I have got the belts, thermostat, and need to order the hoses. Thought i would share. Also, I found a fairly nice used radiator and plan to have it serviced. I have a feeling...
  17. Heavysteven

    Unreadable Stickers need help

    I have three stickers that were painted over. I would like to find out what they said. Truck is a 1971 M35A2 non drop side from Kentucy NG. Any ideas guys? Location: Photo 1 above pioneer tool rack. Could be drain tanks daily? Choke Wheel Photo 2 on back on the truck, not reflect stickers. I...
  18. Heavysteven

    TM's and Sticky Threads above the forum

    I was looking at the old steel soldiers site in the duece section. I like the way the tm's and several sticky threads are at the begining of the forum. No hunting or search required and the most useful posts are righ there. Any chance we could go back to that format in the deuce section?
  19. Heavysteven

    Data Plates Arrived

    Just ran a track on my data plates. They arrived at my house. Can't wait tilll i get off work to install. Plates right now have old carc tan on them and are faded. Should make the cab look new.roflAlso, replaced all the data plate screw with stainless steel hex head. Before Photo
  20. Heavysteven

    New Touch Pad Controls

    So i picked up a new light pad control and blicker switch. I am very happy with both products. However, the light pad look cool but is hard to operate. It require the driver (me) to look down. I could not operate while driving thats for sure. It looks GOOD THOUGH. If any is thinking of...
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