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    M35 early Timken vs Rockwell differences

    I have a 1953 m108 2,5 ton crane. It has the early timken axles. I’m in the middle of servicing the front axle. When I removed the hub I expected to find the early ball /claw axle shafts . However I found the later style u joint type shaft . I know the inner seal retainer is different for...

    Rockwell axle question

    My 1953 dated axle does not have a vent. Anyone ever added one? Guess the older units did not have a vent.

    Rockwell axle question

    my 1953 dated axle has no vent . Anyone ever added one ? I guess the earlier ones did not have it.

    M35a2 from Dallas TX to Warner Robins Ga

    Looking to move an operational m35a2 from Dallas Tx to Warner Robins Ga. Next 2 to 3 weeks. Very flexible.

    Finally 24 bolt whls

    after having the wheels for 6 years and the tires for nearly 2 I finally got around to putting them on the truck. Hopefully no leaks

    One helmet Akron Oh

    Anyone willing to pick up and ship an army helmet from an auction house in Akron OH. They will not ship. Of course I will pay you for your time and shipping . Chuck Herbert 478-918-7490

    halftrack back from an outing

    Had and opportunity to get my track in a little show. Not fond of how they aged it but should wash off. Ran well all day. Also was the first time I moved it with my RAM 3500. Truck handled it very easily. pic before the dirt then the rest

    Anyway to increase thread lines over 20

    Like the new site. is there a way to increase the number of threads shown per page over 20? The old one I could get nearly double I think

    Lawrenceburg KY anybody near there?

    I need a sign picked up in Lawrenceburg Ky if anyone can assist . I can come pick it up in few weeks. It’s 73x48. Maybe 1/8 inch thick. Overnite trucking sign possibly take to a fastenal store. Off course I would pay you for your time please let me know if you can assist .

    44 mb

    Found this little jewel in North Ga today. Don’t findem like this to often. A real WWII JEEP. The cut down 151 windshield is pretty cool.

    Identify this trailer with M108? and Honest John Rocket

    Anybody know what this trailer is? Honest John Rocket transporter Has what appears to be wheels from a WWII M10 ammo trailer or halftrack.

    M35a2. u bolts source

    Anyone have a source for a set of u bolts for a m35a2? Are the specs listed anywhere to have them made. I could not find them. Rough measurement is about 13 inches long . i need them for the rear of a m108. They appear to be same as the front of a m35a2

    Torque rod axle alignment best way

    I am in the middle of the job of replacing my torque rods . The drivers side lowers went on fine . The passenger side is a different story. I need about half inch of movement I think to get them installed. The old dog bones where almost completely worn out so I’m thinking I just have had...

    R985 radial engine Pratt Whitney

    While not an airplane I thought this may be the best place for this. This has been a side project I’ve been working for while. A friend of mine is a full time picker for his occupation and from time to time I’ll tag along . Last fall on one of the trips I came across some radial engine parts...

    Broken inner budd nut

    There’s always one. Got all of the lug nuts loose but one inner budd nut. The end broke clean off. Other than buying a $70 tool to remove it what’s the best course here?

    Data plate set

    Any recomendations for a data plate set. Thanks

    Replacement fuel lines

    Looking at replacing the copper lines on one of my trucks. Searching through the forum there is a lot on replacing return lines and the use of nylon air lines . Any opinions on what is best to use in replacing the main supply line from the tank? Can you use a 3/8 line to replace the 1/2...

    Modern 24 volt alternator install

    I’m not reinventing the wheel here. I know this has been done many times but I never found a thread here that really covered it. I’m sure if you talked to 5 people you would get 5 different ways to do this. I found a lot of information on how to from the following web pages ...

    M series 3 lever light switch cannon plug

    I have a this deuce I originally bought for the winch to put on another truck. Anyhow it runs so well I’m thinking of keeping it for a while at least. About the only problem I have found with it is the lights do not work. I disconnected the cannon plug from the switch and used a jumper...

    Need a M35A2 hauled from Charlotte NC to Warner Robins Ga in next 30 days

    Need a M35A2 hauled from Charlotte NC to Warner Robins GA in the next 30 days. By 1/31/18
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