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  1. Jinx

    wsucougarx's M923 acquisition

    I just read through most of this thread and drooled over the pictures you posted. To say I'm a little jealous is an understatement. That's a beautiful truck! I think it's in good hands.
  2. Jinx

    Interesting custom Deuce

    Kudos to the person who did that. He must have ran out of money before giving it a custom paint job.
  3. Jinx

    Replaced fuel filters but need to prime

    Sure, if you want to do things the easy way. I for one like to get diesel all over my engine. :)
  4. Jinx

    Replaced fuel filters but need to prime

    Don't crank the engine to get the air out. Open the bleed screw, then turn the truck accessory switch to on without starting the truck. The in tank pump fuel pump will bleed the air out and pump the filters full of fuel. Once the air bleeder starts squirting fuel, close it. There will be a tiny...
  5. Jinx

    PNW Info Thread!

    FWIW, my deuce only whistles at about 1800-2600 RPMS. I've got a bit of a oddball truck though. At some point someone thought it was a good idea to mount a turbo from the older 427 multi-fuel engine. Must have been all they had in stock at the time. That, or the mechanic just didn't care. There...
  6. Jinx

    PNW Info Thread!

    Around. My poor truck has been neglected for a year now. I just can't afford to drive it until I get a better job.
  7. Jinx

    PNW Info Thread!

    Looks like that tan cover is a high top! Probably get a little worse fuel economy due to drag.
  8. Jinx

    Do you live in the PNW? Do you have an M105 for sale?

    That's good to hear. Guess I should visit this forum more often. I could have lent a hand in recovering a surplus trailer from Ft. Lewis. He lives right up the road from me. (but not for long apparently.)
  9. Jinx

    Do you live in the PNW? Do you have an M105 for sale?

    Did you get a trailer yet? If you need bows for the top, let me know. I've got a spare set for an M105 I'll give you. You helped me out with a headlight once. I'd be glad to return the favor.
  10. Jinx

    2011 Wa State Mini Rally #5

    I'm probably a no-go this time. I work that Saturday. :(
  11. Jinx

    deuce is missing when it gets over 1800 rpm

    Time to change the spark plugs. lol
  12. Jinx

    12v headlamps in a deuce

    I REALLY wouldn't recommend wiring headlights in series. One bulb burns out during the night and suddenly you have no headlights at all!
  13. Jinx

    In the 09 club

    There are a lot of old Canadian military trucks there as well. That's what Scott was referring to.
  14. Jinx

    Just won the bid on a M35A2C at Tinker

    I agree with WSU. Assuming it isn't to far to drive, go check it out. If it passes it's inspections as listed in the TM's then drive it home. Just take it easy at first as you learn the capabilities of the truck.
  15. Jinx

    $65 Deuce from GL - what?

    Not exactly a great endorsement for GL. I wonder why they posted it. 1. You can no longer buy a truck (or anything there) for under $150. 2. That truck is beat. It's ready to rust to the ground. 3. It's in Hawaii. Great if you want to spend a couple grand shipping it.
  16. Jinx

    No turn signals or brake lights!

    Open the three way signal switch on the steering column. The mechanical switches need to be cleaned. Lightly file the contact points will get power for both the signals and the brake lights. I had to do the same thing with my truck.
  17. Jinx

    New deuce in Olympia, Wa

    To quote Bruce Willis "Welcome to the party pal!"
  18. Jinx

    Someone please save this m211w/w

    I'm starting to drool over it. Too bad I don't have any cash right now!
  19. Jinx

    Well Guy and Girls i have rescued another m1008 More info to come :]

    Wow, it looks fresh off the base. Congrats!
  20. Jinx

    New rule at GL for trailers!!!

    Makes for a quick pickup not having to wait for an EUC to clear. This is very good news!
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