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  1. MilitaryRestoration

    List of Washington, Orgegon, Idaho parts yards

    You guys all forgot about my yard but almost 99.9% gone or scrapped
  2. MilitaryRestoration

    Purchasing an M35A2 - probably

    Oh ya, been on here for years just not that much time for it anymore :-/ With selling the rest of the stuff off, probably will diminish even further but we'll see...
  3. MilitaryRestoration

    Purchasing an M35A2 - probably

    uhhhh, west coast prices must be different that NJ prices...
  4. MilitaryRestoration

    Purchasing an M35A2 - probably

    Hope the truck works out for you! Funny to see all these posts about it haha Glad it went to a SS member!
  5. MilitaryRestoration

    Injector line leak

    I replaced the ferrule on my #6 and it seemed to reseal then after about 30 min I came back out to a puddle :-!! Any thoughts or new ideas?
  6. MilitaryRestoration

    Injector line leak

    Has anyone replaced the ferrules on the ends of the hard injection lines or removed them and replaced so to say.
  7. MilitaryRestoration

    Trailer from FT lewis to CDA

    ok let me know if you change your mind email or call 360-608-6484
  8. MilitaryRestoration

    Trailer from FT lewis to CDA

    does it have to be trailered? could it be driven? or wrecker?
  9. MilitaryRestoration

    More Power From NHC 250 in M939 Series Trucks With Allison Transmissions

    Subscribe and if in time will chime in with my own project... bought a ntc-400 that will be replacing the nhc-250 currently in the 900 series truck. The truck stuck a piston and after evaluating costs to rebuild the old 250, the 400 was a much better cost effectiveness decision. The motor is...
  10. MilitaryRestoration

    Wrecker Crane Remote Control

    subscribe, and i had same idea with my 816, i've got the control box from another military crane vehicle, i'll try to post pictures
  11. MilitaryRestoration

    Aberdeen, WA recovery and my new project.

    Glad you got her... i forgot to bid on them :-/
  12. MilitaryRestoration

    Anyone towed a M-54 with a M-52???

    11echo, is that a picture of yourself and your truck? Please let me know either way and if not then who it is... Thank you Also, just got done towing a m934 with a deuce so you should be able to manage 0:-)
  13. MilitaryRestoration

    Have you been tested?

    never been, as voted and good thing because i would've had some explaining to do when bringing home a 5ton with both tanks full of red dye since we bought from a government entity that used red dye on the road as they do not have to pay taxes...
  14. MilitaryRestoration

    Locked up cummins in the M923

    no it came out of ft. lewis, bidded on all of them and got this one, prob the only one thats doing this lol :-! We will probably scrap motor and drop a 400 in, I've got enough 250's in other trucks ;-) carbon-I take it thats your truck in your avatar... we looked that truck over, good looking...
  15. MilitaryRestoration

    Locked up cummins in the M923

    I think I may have some same pictures soon :-/ ours made it 60 miles
  16. MilitaryRestoration

    Hello from NW Washington

    Welcome aboard! There are plenty of us in Wa to help you along, many great people!! Never hesitate to ask questions of us or anyone else on SS. Along with others, of you need anything just drop a pm or email/call
  17. MilitaryRestoration

    m129a2c super camper build

    Hmm that setup looks oddly familiar :) good looking truck and trailer! I'm repainting my camper trailer this summer and adding the 3kw generator underneath. Good luck with yours. Let me know if you have any questions.
  18. MilitaryRestoration

    spacing out front 5 ton two piece wheels for 1600's

    Thats all i do with my trucks :-) /\ works just fine, some people think it creates too much leverage on the front studs, in fact it gives some but nothing to be all tore up about, my 2 cents, i'd rather have a 1/2 more of leverage than not having enough threads :)
  19. MilitaryRestoration

    Deuce Tractor on CL

    thanks for bringing attention to it :-!
  20. MilitaryRestoration

    Mud Flap weights for m818?

    prob easier to just get some flat stock cut to size and drill some holes... @florida - good use of resources :-) are those removable? have you towed anything with those on, clearance issues?
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