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    WTB.. 3 way rotary valve for LMTV

    unmolested. if it leaks that's ok, no plans to install it...for dissection only !

    LMTM Transmission kickdown solenoid location?

    1995 M1078 AO.. searched the 24P, Unit Maintenance TM and Allison Mechanic troubleshooting guide.. is there an actually kickdown solenoid, momentary switch near the throttle pedal?. if so where is located? thanks

    any idea what these are?

    just outside of Disney

    DS balancing ring?..thoughts?

    interesting E-shmay find.

    item 115129328637

    hit the magic..

    1000 mile mark since the retran....fingers crossed

    interesting read on our 6TL battery set ups….

    not good I take it....

    this is the rubber diagram portion of my wet tank air protection valve...maybe this is the reason the fan runs continuously and the once working CTIS is throwing 5 blinking lights .. thoughts?

    ever notice that...

    the TM photograph for the cab raise or lower clearly depicts : when raising all knobs are in the raise position and visa versa when lowering?...does it make a difference?
  10. BERZERKER888

    steering wheel bolt size...

    before I break out the plasma cutter with a C4 chaser because throwing F Bombs at the wheel isn't helping... what is this bolt size? thanks all
  11. BERZERKER888

    Warning light cable location?

    Trying to install a bed light using the Warning light switch but cannot locate the cable location..any hints ?
  12. BERZERKER888

    CTIS banjo bolt seal

    source for this part.. Grainger ? LMTV TM 34 P shows this part as : 673999 .SEAL,NONMETALLIC thanks all
  13. BERZERKER888

    Big thanks to Ryan at Colony Tire for...

    ..hooking me up with a pair of 100% MVTs...
  14. BERZERKER888

    M1078 crane options/alternatives?

    as we all know military LMHC cranes are virtually impossible to find and are obscenely expensive….. what are other options that forum members are using ?…. My task is to be able to load a 600lb ATV and a 210lbs dirt bike into the bed… thanks all
  15. BERZERKER888

    Cab load sensor valve rebuildable ?

    mine is leaking at the there a rebuild kit ?. is it necessary for the well being of the Free World?....can it be plugged/bypassed?.. thoughts?
  16. BERZERKER888

    Fuel cap gasket….

    Figured it would be a common item….nope… any sources or equivalents out there ?
  17. BERZERKER888

    Noobie question of the day…

    After servicing the rotary valves, big thanks to the usual suspects Suprman and Ronmar, my noob question is how do I refill the lost hydraulic fluid..through the “dip stick” port on the a/h power unit or must I remove the top cover of the a/h power unit and pour it in ?
  18. BERZERKER888

    FIY : Control box knob removal

    a simple gear puller and wa-la, no huge pita to remove the hydraulic manifold to service your rotary valves..and not a single LMTV "F"- Bomb
  19. BERZERKER888

    American Lock cargo box key ?

    the "Co-Drivers side storage box" has 2 separate locks by "American Lock".... without mauling the locks to death to remove them,... do they use a generic key?
  20. BERZERKER888

    while cleaning the battery box I found ..

    any ideas?
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