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  1. Aussie Bloke

    Canvas winch cover,...?

    G'day everyone,..... I have just seen a canvas winch cable cover on a Deuce. I am told these were a stock item though the one pictured was made. Are there any out there? Aussie.
  2. Aussie Bloke

    M3 Stuart Tank pulled over for speeding!

    G'day everyone,.... So what happens if your pulled over by the cops for speeding,..... And you ride just happens to be a M3 Stuart TANK...
  3. Aussie Bloke

    If I had $9.00 to start with,.....

    G'day everyone,.... Now if I had some spare cash,.... I would love to get...
  4. Aussie Bloke

    XP-82 Twin Mustang Prototype Flies

    G'day everyone,...... XP-82 Twin Mustang Prototype Flies for the first time in 49 years. It wasn’t supposed to. But it did. Talk through the aviation grapevine: They’ve been restoring this one for over 10 years. It last flew on Dec 14, 1949. Yesterday was a planned high speed...
  5. Aussie Bloke

    A little advice please,.....

    G'day everyone,..... Ok,.. so I have been having some fun with my Deuce since I got it but hey,... who wouldn't right? Ever since I have had it I have not been able to undo the cap on the battery jumper port. I have soaked it in penetrating oil etc but cannot get it undone. I do not want...
  6. Aussie Bloke

    Original seat belts M35 Series Trucks?

    G'day everyone,... I have been looking around for a while for a set of original style seat belts for my M35A2C. Dose anyone have any info or pictures of these seat belts. I came across a U-tube video with a Deuce with what looks like the original style belts fitted and want a set for mine...
  7. Aussie Bloke

    Whats with my Brakes??

    G'day everyone,.... For those who haven't read the 'Australia' thread I think I may have a slow leak with my brakes. So let me start from the beginning,.... When I collected my Deuce I got 30mtrs out the gate to find I had NO brakes,.... It just so happens some moron wrapped chain around...
  8. Aussie Bloke

    Idea for useing 12Volt in my Deuce

    G'day everyone,.... Ok,... I had an idea just using what I have on hand to be able to power my 12Volt Engel fridge/freezer, GPS etc,.... So the Deuce is 24Volt, 2x12Volt batts in series. I have a 24Volt powered generator that makes 240V @50htz...
  9. Aussie Bloke

    M35A2C Idaho to Port Hueneme

    G'day everyone,.... I am looking to have my Deuce transported from Idaho to Port Hueneme. I am looking to hear from anyone who can transport my Deuce to the port. I have had a quote from a shipping agent at my end but it seems extreme, I think it can be done for less. I am looking at having...
  10. Aussie Bloke

    G'day from Melbourne Australia!

    G'day everyone,.... I am new here as you may have guessed, I am looking for a M35A2c and have been looking around the net and came across some of the vids of the Steel Soldiers trips and found this forum. I am talking to Dave at Eastern Surplus right now about costs and specs for a...
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