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  1. MixManSC

    Very handy parts listing site

    I've used this site for quite a long while for some GM vehicles. I have no idea who runs it. The HUGE plus is many of the online part sites, expecially GM, stop giving or showing part numbers for things that are NLA (no longer available). This does. Well I was poking about in the Mercedes...
  2. MixManSC

    Not a TM but a good catalog of Shelters and Gensets from Natick

    Ran across this and thought it was a nice document to have with descriptions of the various shelters and generators. Second one is on many of the TEMPER tents with a description and the various footprints/layouts.
  3. MixManSC

    Got my 803A with LTT-HC Trailer - Mods, Questions, and whatnot....

    So I have a lot to post about this. Hopefully some might find some of it useful. I also likely will have a few questions but honestly with the vast amount of info here on these forums I actually cannot really think of much as I actually know how to search on forums and read first. Crazy...
  4. MixManSC

    MEP 803A Fault Indicator Panel Stencil

    Thought I'd make a contribution for my first post.... If your 6 function fault indicator panel is all faded the attached PDF is a vector stencil. Two ways are included. The left is the lettering and white lines only. The right version is the same but reversed on an oversize background to use as...
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