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  1. Awesomeness

    Mudflaps for front tires

    Somebody asked me about mudflaps for the front tire, and I couldn't paste pictures into private messages, so I'll just make this post for everyone to see. Here are all the pictures of LMTV mudflaps that I've collected, in no particular order.
  2. Awesomeness

    3D scanning the LMTV rear frame

    I just thought I'd share some 3D scanning I was doing today, in preparation for an upcoming project. You'll have to guess what. If you look closely, you can see some diagonal lines from the top right corner of the pintle box up to the top right (between the marker light and trailer plug)...
  3. Awesomeness

    Rough sway bar dimensions

    I just got an email from someone who was thinking about putting an LMTV sway bar on his F350. He wanted some rough dimensions, to know if it will fit. These are just some tape measure measurements (e.g. +/- 1/2"??), without really crawling under there, but just in case someone else wants to...
  4. Awesomeness

    What size viton o-ring for Scepter fuel can spouts?

    The big Viton o-ring inside the cap of my Scepter military fuel can spouts are cracked and leak. Does anyone know what size o-ring to buy? Thanks! These (picture from internet):
  5. Awesomeness

    Driving Denver to Orlando, Starting 20May2021

    We're moving to Orlando today, and that means driving the LMTV + LMTV trailer there! Wish me luck.
  6. Awesomeness

    PURest Air Dryer constantly purging/leaking

    I have the newer style "PURest" air dryer, and it just started leaking out the purge exhaust valve. The air compressor is to outrun the leak, and keep the tanks full, when above idle. Does anyone have experience with what causes this and how to repair it? I tried googling, but didn't find...
  7. Awesomeness

    Issues with 3-piece runflats installed incorrectly?

    I had the 3-piece Hutchinson runflats installed on my M1082 trailer, when I had the tires changed a month ago. I just realized they didn't install the rubber rings that sandwich the runflat between the rim. I'm about to drive the truck and trailer 2000 miles to Florida! Will this be a...
  8. Awesomeness

    Fun LMTV article on Four Wheeler's website today.

    This is about my truck. It will be in the June 2021 print issue (on sale in May).
  9. Awesomeness

    Water in fuel? Draining water separator?

    How often do you guys drain your water separator, and how much water comes out? It seems like every several tanks I can get about this much out. Why is it orange? Rust? Aren't the tanks aluminum? This all strikes me as odd, considering how it's basically always 15% humidity here. Any...
  10. Awesomeness

    Tan LMTV with black marker lights?

    I got new marker lights, but they are black. Anyone have pictures of a tan truck with black marker lights? How does it look? I'm debating whether to go through all the hassle of painting them.
  11. Awesomeness

    Functional wheel valve after CTIS removal (?)

    I think a few things might be getting confused. The LMTV rims use a standard-style valve stem, but the valve core has been removed so that the CTIS can inflate/deflate it at-will. Usually what people are talking about is that they are looking for what kind of valve core to stick in the valve...
  12. Awesomeness

    How to replace wiring boots?

    Has anyone replaced the wiring boots, such as those on the headlight connectors? I see that McMaster sells the boots separately, and a bunch of mine are starting to split from age. Can you just slide the old boot off and put a new one on?
  13. Awesomeness

    GSC Cobra seat installed!

    I finally got around to designing up an adapter mounting plate, and installing my GSC Cobra seat. Pretty comfortable, even though the "padding" is surprisingly rigid. Does anyone know what these little silver shields that go over the nuts are called?
  14. Awesomeness

    3D Printed Door Wire Guides

    The wiring harness that goes into my doors, for the clearance marker light, had these little curved plastic tubes on them. Well, one door did, the other was gone. And then the other one got broken... uh oh. So I decided to try 3D printing a replacement. The originals are put on the wires...
  15. Awesomeness

    LMTV winch harness mystery connector

    I'm transplanting a winch off an M1083A0 (6x6) to my M1078A0 (4x4). The winch harness had this little pigtail on the portion that routes over toward the PTO. The grey weatherpak connector clips onto the harness, and the green end goes onto <SOMETHING>. Any idea what it's for? I can't seem to...
  16. Awesomeness

    Correct FMTV stencil font?

    Does anyone know what the correct font for FMTV stencils is? Here is a collage of images from my archive, showing various FMTV stenciled lettering. Some key letters to note the shape of... Letter "F" only has one cut, in the top horizontal stick. Letter "E" has cuts in only the top and bottom...
  17. Awesomeness

    Found some new Motor Pool GI mechanic wizardry today...

    For several months, my passenger door has been sticking when trying to open it. You have to lift up on the door to get it open. The outer latch looked a little busted, and the plastic portion was cracked and sticking up. So I ordered a new latch, and today I started taking apart the old one...
  18. Awesomeness

    Engine losing prime

    When I first start my engine, it generally starts within a few revolutions, runs for ~5 seconds, then dies. It then requires ~20 seconds of cranking before it will start back up, after which it will run fine. To me, this sounds like initially it's starting using whatever fuel is in the...
  19. Awesomeness

    LMTV Hitch Extension Kit installed!

    We've been taking advantage of the coronapocalypse to get some work done, and we finally got the hitch extension kit installed. I have the rear step bumper, and with the bumper on the trailer neck hits the bumper, so I'm hoping this gives it enough clearance. Is that what this extension is...
  20. Awesomeness

    Anyone in Denver/Cheyenne area buying tires?

    I need to buy one tire, and am hoping I can chip in on somebody's order. I bought 8 brand new tires, for the LMTV + trailer (hoping to have an extra spare), but then 2 tires turned out to be bad so now I'm actually short one. It figures, right?
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