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  1. DawGoneIt

    Plowing snow this week

    First day of plowing yesterday and already racked up a booboo. Chain length on passenger rear wheel caught the collar bolt on the air chamber spinning it plus 90 degree to the rear, snapping three air fittings. Learning curve again this year on excess chain length on tire chains. We haven't put...
  2. DawGoneIt

    Cargo bed and dropside assembly for a M1078

    I acquired a M1078 that came without the aluminum cargo bed side and rear panels (dropside assembly), and am trying to find out what the NSN part numbers are for finding these panels. I have the TM's that Patracy (spelling?) posted but am having some confusion deciphering the lingo for part(s)...
  3. DawGoneIt

    Leaking coolant under water pump

    The M998 I drove at work today heated up to 240 and coolant appears to be leaking at the bottom of the water pump. Where can I pick up a thermostat and water pump/gaskets to replace the old ones? I work in the Klickitat River basin in SW Washington State.
  4. DawGoneIt

    M1008 tranny wont engage when shifting into 4-high

    Hi all, Our M1008 plow truck wont engage in drive when put into 4 wheel drive. Tested this with wheel hubs unlocked. Looking through TM right now, but is this a switch issue? Happen to anyone out there? Mucho appreciated if someone can tell me how easy this is to fix. DawGoneIt
  5. DawGoneIt

    temp guage not working right

    Anybody out there have to fix a temp gauge that doesnt work?
  6. DawGoneIt

    how to use the part numbers in TM to get auto parts

    Hey, I'm using the TM9-2320-289-34P to identify parts I need to buy for a M1008 drivetrain (and many thanks again to the Admin who posted these TM's!). How do you use the Part Number or Usable on Codes to find the right part number for an auto parts store? Maybe this is kind of a dumb...
  7. DawGoneIt

    Surplus HMMWV's? Anywhere?

    Administrators, please let me know if this is not the right forum for this thread. My question to anyone who knows is what is happening with some of the early HMMWVs that are supposed to be undergoing surplussing by the Army? this past summer my friend talked to contacts at the JBLM DRMO who...
  8. DawGoneIt

    M998 Replacement Glowplugs

    The M998 that we have down here at work runs well, but is hard starting. I just picked up Champion 191 CH238 glowplugs for replacements, anybody out there use these? Or someone out there recommend something else? Should anything else besides glowplugs be changed? We are also going to put a...
  9. DawGoneIt

    Starters going out

    The starter on the hatchery's CUCV is going out. This is a stock 24v electrical system. The question I want to throw out there is where to go to replace the starter? Can you get a gear reduction starter for a 24v system through NAPA? We also plan on doing the Doghead Relay upgrade when we...
  10. DawGoneIt

    A2 run-flat wheel conversion kit

    Dunno if I worded the title right. My buddy showed me a screenshot printout of some surplus tires that are available for screening by govt programs. These are Goodyear Wranglers of the run-flat variety (should have kept a copy). The printout also said that there was was kit that could be ordered...
  11. DawGoneIt

    M1008 Pops out of 4 wheel drive

    We have two M1008's at the fish hatchery where I work, one is our feed truck, the other set up as a plow truck. The plow truck of late has been popping out of 4 wheel drive, both in 4 low and 4 high. I looked over the TM in the site for this truck, an am thinking linkage problem? Anyone out...
  12. DawGoneIt

    Nooby to site, voltage regulator issue

    I manage a salmon hatchery and have 2 M1008 Chevys for feed truck and snow plow duty vehicles. Both are non-modified 24 volt system vehicles. The problem (limit this to one here) is on one truck the voltage spikes after starting it, and one employee failed to note one of the batteries started to...
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