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  1. Iceman3005

    Engine failure, rebuild, with turbo, jakes.

    Well, the old engine finally gave up. Not sure how it happened. But I know what the damage is. So it will be getting new piston sleeves, new pistons, refurbished heads, and will be adding Jake brakes , and a turbo! Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. Iceman3005

    Wiring harness

    My rear wiring harness is deteriorating, I found a new harness but it is for the M939 series truck. Will a M939 rear harness work on a M813? Lots of gang green going on, fried one of the LED rear tail lights. Would be easier, quicker, and probably cheaper in long run to just replace the...
  3. Iceman3005

    Knuckle Seal

    Well, the old M813 blew out the knuckle seal. Well more like a 2 inch tear. Anyway, the spare's that I got do not have the zipper, do I just reuse the zippers from the old boot? Or should I just get new ones with the zipper already on them? Also what grease should I use? TM says GAA, what...
  4. Iceman3005

    24 volt to 12 volt

    Going to need 12 volt in the 5 ton. Looked at a couple of different options. So I decided the least inexpensive and simple way to go for me is a DC to DC transformer. I will be using a continuous heavy duty solenoid to power the transformer and 2 separate fuse panels. One fuse panel will be...
  5. Iceman3005

    Air Ride Seat!

    Just got the air ride seat in, that's going to make for a nice ride!
  6. Iceman3005

    M813 cab heater

    Ok, if this needs to be in the modding section, then sorry. move if need be. I did a search and it seems that not many have asked this question. So here it goes. I would like comments, opinions, recommendations for a cab heater. I see there are some kits out there, but not sure what I...
  7. Iceman3005

    M813 Batteries / Charging

    Ok, I have checked TM's, and I am stumped on this one. Starter clicks when I try and start. If I jump it with the cucv, it fires right up. I let truck run for an hour to charge batteries. While truck is running I checked voltage at batteries. It was at 25 volts, according to TM voltage is...
  8. Iceman3005

    53 michelin xzl tires

    I did a search and didn't get much information. I would like to run the 53 michelin xzl tires. But I am not sure what rims to use. Do I use the 3 piece hemtt rims or the 2 piece hemtt rims?
  9. Iceman3005

    New owner!

    Well I am a happy new owner of an M813, drove 200 miles to get it and then drove the M813 back 200 miles. Trip went off with out any issues! I forgot my earplugs, so I said screw it, I can make it with out them. Ya , about half way through I had enough, stopped and bought me some earplugs...
  10. Iceman3005

    Helicopter / Airplane flyin callling all military trucks

    There is a flyin at the Maple Grove airport in Fowlerville, MI. The airport owner would like as many military trucks there as possible, the event day is Saturday and Sunday September 12th-13th it goes all day. Breakfest is at 7:00. Here is the address 7278 Sherwood, Rd. Fowlerville, Michigan...
  11. Iceman3005

    Another 700r4, plus a turbo addition

    Turbo 400 transmission cracked due to faulty trans bushing mounts. So going to install a 700r4 overdrive trans, and add a turbo to the 6.2L diesel. Also the inner fender and battery tray are very rusty, so I am going to replace those as well.
  12. Iceman3005


    I was involved in an accident with my cucv (M1008), wasn't at fault. Older man merged into me and shoved me off the road. Just cosmetic damage, but still not to happy......................Oh well poop happens. So I am looking for 2 doors (driver and passenger), both front fenders, and both...
  13. Iceman3005


    Did some wiring on the fuel gauge, sender, and fuel tank selector. Also installed a new heater core, and wired up a siren.
  14. Iceman3005

    How much weight has your cucv hauled?

    Went and collected some wood. Being the man that I am..................I had to weigh said load! Truck weighs 6000 empty, and trailer weighs 1280 empty, gross weight was 13060 lbs -6000 lbs. -1280 lbs. =5780 lbs of wood!
  15. Iceman3005

    Minor repairs on a M1009

  16. Iceman3005

    Another M1008 700r4 Project

    Have another Chevy M1008 project, transmission failed. This is Lawrence of Arabia M1008. Many reasons that it failed. First it had the wrong dip stick so the trans was about 4-5 quarts to low on fluid. Second the pan gasket had to cuts in it, not sure why. Third it had the wrong "TV" cable...
  17. Iceman3005

    M1008 700r4 swap, gauge install, misc. repairs

    Steel Soldiers, FSMO just dropped his truck off to have the 700r4 swap done plus some minor repairs and a gauge install. Will be starting next week once I get the other vehicle out of the shop bay.
  18. Iceman3005

    Fuel filter base leaking? O-Ring part numbers here

    My fuel filter base started to leaking the other day, and it is making it hard to start. Have to bleed it now to start everytime. I LOVE THE INTERNET! After countless hours of searching I have found the O-rings and there GM part numbers, so here they are: Stanadyne model 80: Vac switch...
  19. Iceman3005

    Helicopter Air Speciality (Calling all Military Trucks)!

    To all military trucks, Helicopter Air Speciality is asking that any body with Militarys trucks is welcome to join in at the 63rd annual Dawn Patrol Flyin! This will be at the Fowlerville airport, at 7278 Sherwood Fowlerville, Michigan 48836. on September7th and 8th. There will be a...
  20. Iceman3005

    Transfer Case

    Question: Are the internals (gears and shafts) the same on an air shift verses a manual shift.
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