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  1. bones1

    Running MEP-OO2A in this blizzard questions

    Calling for a two day blizzard here in Maryland and I was wondering if / how to run the generator if/ when the power goes out. All the wiring is completed and I can trailer the generator to about 20 ft to the outside inlet. Will blowing snow hurt the generator and how do I use the cover on the...
  2. bones1

    tag a m116a-2 generator trailer

    What is needed in Maryland, in my case, to register and tag my generator/trailer combo?. If I tell them it's a M116A2 trailer I am sure I will get the deer in the headlights look.
  3. bones1

    Mep-003A with ASK kit. Oil pressure gauge relocate

    Has anyone relocated their oil pressure gauge to the front panel or anywhere it can be viewed?.Just want to know how you did yours.There are a lot of things you can't see, like the auxillary fuel can adapter I found yesterday after I just bought one and the oil pressure gauge. It does not look...
  4. bones1

    Shutter box operation

    My Mep-003A with ASK kit runs well now but I am wondering if the shutter assembly is in proper position for either cold weather or normal weather operation. Will I be able to find this shutter with the ASK kit installed?.I am learning at least 1 new piece of information about this machine every...
  5. bones1

    aux filler

    Anyone have one of these for sale or know where I can get one used. This company is out of them. Thanks.
  6. bones1

    Extra tank Under the generator trailer...or not.

    Anybody done something like this and just use the filler or run the filler hose up through a flat spot in the trailer floor and put a cap on it ?.Perhaps a thin tank like this will fit. I was pricing used truck tanks and these new replacements are much cheaper and new to boot. I have been known...
  7. bones1

    help un bonding generator

    I want to make sure I remove the correct wire(neutral). My MEP-003A has the ASK kit on it and I can barely find anything, still haven't seen the oil pressure gauge,but they told me where to look. On the back of my ground lug on the generator is a large wire that feels like a big battery cable...
  8. bones1

    50 A outlets on generator

    Mep-003A. What type/brand outlet and location did you use to mount a 50A outlet on the generator.I would like to use a plug in cord arrangement to the house. Any pics would be great.
  9. bones1

    Generator trailer tongue jack

    For bad back folks like me has anyone installed a trailer jack on their generator trailer, something a little easier on the back than the arrangement it came with which is a dead lift?. Side mount, flip up or the center triangle mount type which would require some metal work, no problem.
  10. bones1

    MEP-003A oil pressure gauge hiding from me

    Just received my MEP-003A with ASK kit installed. Is there supposed to be an oil pressure gauge somewhere?. And also, where is the L0 neutral bonding strap located? Is it behind the white panel with the lugs?
  11. bones1

    Restoring data tags and gauge panel

    My instruction tags and the main gauge panel on my MEP-003A has this white chalk like deposit on them. What is used to clean these back to looking new?.I tried a few cleaners but the white stuff came back after it dried. Are new data tags and info stickers available and NOS main panels?.
  12. bones1

    upgrade generator to digital gauges

    Has anyone installed the digital gauges on the set?. If so what brand did you use and how do you like them?.
  13. bones1

    Generator install: connecting different gauge wire

    Here is what I have to do The 5449 generac panel was already installed and 2/2/2/4 ser was also already run from the panel( but not connected) over to the wall where it was all set to go to a large 20kw propane unit.I have a MEP003A instead so a pb-50 outside gen inlet will be installed...
  14. bones1

    MEP-003a regulator upgrade.

    I have my first generator coming next week, MEP-003A made 11/85 with 6 hours on the counter. Can't find a update tag on it anywhere , any other clues to look for if it has been rebuilt? The hour meter looks much newer that the rest of the gauges.Anyway my real question is do you think it would...
  15. bones1

    Transfer panel read

    I just came across this post as I was trying to educate myself and wondered what you guys thought about it.About a transfer panel he purchased. I ORDERED ONE OF THESE FROM MY LOCAL ELECTRICAL SUPPLY HOUSE AND PAID JUST A FEW DOLLARS MORE. IT CAME TODAY AND I JUST OPENED THE BOX TO EXAMINE...
  16. bones1

    Neutral switching panel

    Would this be of use with a MEP series install or unnecessary?. I am trying to line up what plugs/boxes I need to plug a cord into the house and then take it to the panel. Reliance LL550c plug and a PB50 using 6/4 soow cable with a box outside should work. What do you guys use to get the power...
  17. bones1

    Need opinion on eng misfire

    Just brought the Deuce out of hibernation for Memorial day and the engine is breaking down(missing) at 1500 rpm with a big loss of power. Any ideas what could cause this condition. It has always run perfect before this. The diesel is not that old 3 months maybe. I know where to look on a gas...
  18. bones1

    Deuce mounted generator

    I was thinking about installing a diesel genset like this in the bed of my deuce and feed it off of the 2 fuel tanks on the truck in case of a power outage at my home or cabin. Also installing a 50a box like this on the bed inside...
  19. bones1

    Air-O-Matic adjustment

    My air-o-matic drag link has a lot of threads showing and some on here have very few threads showing. What's a good way to tell where I need to be with this adjustment. The stock drag link is not adjustable. But the new one is. I tried to match it up lengthwise with the stock one but you can...
  20. bones1

    Drag link removal

    It appears that to remove the drag link just remove cotter pins and back out threaded retainers. Am I correct?.
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