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    KY Brand New Bowtie Level 2 700R4

    Up for sale is my brand new Level 2 700R4. I purchased this transmission from Chris Gardner at Bowtie Overdrives in Hesperia, California. It has the C40HDT Heavy Duty Diesel torque converter and Advance Adapters 32-spline output shaft. It is a direct bolt-in replacement for a TH400. The...
  2. Sharecropper

    Helpful video to remove glove compartment lock

    Here is a helpful video which clearly explains how to remove and reinstall the glove compartment lock. I've been removing/installing these things for over 40 years, but thought some of our junior members might find it helpful.
  3. Sharecropper

    Trailer Brake Controller

    Just curious to know which trailer brake controllers have been used on these CUCV's. I need to install one, and would like it to be as simple as possible. Don't care for all the electronic gizmo's, just need it to work when it needs to. Thanks in advance for your experiences.
  4. Sharecropper

    Wiring HMMWV tachometer in M1028 truck

    I'm attempting to install a HMMWV tachometer in my M1028 truck. I'm installing a new 6.5 diesel engine, therefore I don't need the 6.2 vacuum pump anymore, so I purchased a new HMMWV tachometer and sending unit. But before I go to the effort to design and fabricate a custom bracket in my...
  5. Sharecropper

    LED Indicator Light for Glow Plug Push Button - Which Wire?

    I'm installing a manual momentary push button to fire the glow plugs in case the card gets fried. I also want to add a dash-mounted LED to indicate when power is actually being delivered to the glow plugs. I have read all the posts in the sticky regarding such an LED, however there is no...
  6. Sharecropper

    Fellow with a bunch of 6.2 parts

    An older gentleman dropped by my shop today to see if I needed any 6.2 parts. Curious, I asked him what all he had. He said he had several complete engines, heads, and whatever, and added that he also had a pretty rusted "Army Blazer". I told him that I currently did not have any needs, but I...
  7. Sharecropper

    LED Taillights?

    Has anybody installed these LED taillight kits from LMC Truck? Are there other LED taillight kits from other sources which may be better quality? LED Tail Light Set (
  8. Sharecropper

    Question about wiring harness to rear bumper

    I'm restoring/rewrapping my rear harness and can't seem to figure out where in the TM's I need to look to determine what the two wires with stripes do. Brown = taillights, Yellow = left turn/brake, Green = right turn/brake, Light Green = back-up. I get all that, but what do the other two wires...
  9. Sharecropper

    Different Way to Plumb Dual Fuel Tanks

    I'm in the process of installing an auxiliary fuel tank on the passenger side of my M1028 and am considering a different way of plumbing the two tanks. While thinking about the valving and switching between the two, I wondered why the two tanks couldn't simply be plumbed together for one...
  10. Sharecropper

    Opinions on Undercoating

    OK I know this may be a volatile subject, so before I get flamed please consider my specific situation - My M1028 sat on a National Guard Base in Arizona for 25 years before I got it. It had, and still has, Zero rust on the underside. In fact, the underside of the cab looks almost new. I...
  11. Sharecropper

    Replacement Fuel Tank

    I am wanting to install the auxiliary fuel tank on the passenger side, and after removing the bed from my M1028, I discovered that the original tank on the drivers side is in pretty bad shape. So I have decided to buy 2 new tanks and replace the original at the same time I install the auxiliary...
  12. Sharecropper

    Optimizer Engine

    Here’s a very informative article on the Optimizer engine -
  13. Sharecropper

    Whoa Buddy !

    This is what I am talking about !
  14. Sharecropper

    Purpose, Function, and Possible Elimination of CDR Valve

    I am considering supercharging my new P400 engine and was wondering what would happen when I completely remove my CDR valce and piping. In thinking about this, I began pondering what happens to the valve when adding a turbo or supercharger, as the additional boost/intake pressure would...
  15. Sharecropper

    Brackets for A/C Compressor anyone?

    For those of you who have followed my rebuild thread over in the CUCV Hotrodding forum, you may know that I am installing a new Vintage Air air conditioning kit. Vintage Air can provide everything necessary to install A/C in our trucks except the custom brackets needed for our dual alternator...
  16. Sharecropper

    Timing Light?

    Does anyone know a good-quality diesel timing light which receives its signal from the #1 injection line pulse? There are several on Ebay and Amazon but are prices from China-cheap to the stratasphere. Hate to buy a pig-in-a-poke. I would prefer a USA-made instrument. Thanks.
  17. Sharecropper

    Horsepower Requirements for fan?

    I'm finishing up my P400-700R4-NP241 build to go into my M1028 and am considering replacing the fan & clutch with a separate thermostatically-operated radiator-mounted fan in order to save a couple horsepower during higher operating temperatures. Just wondering if anybody has ever calculated...
  18. Sharecropper

    Sho Nuff Serious CUCV

    For you guys wanting to see an ultimate overlanding CUCV, check out Joe Grant’s machine in Utah. Joe is a great guy, a US service member, and has assembled what I think is one of the best-equipped trucks on the planet. Enjoy.
  19. Sharecropper

    Interesting air volume requirements

    Today while doodling around on my calculator I began to think about how much fresh air is required for our original 6.2 naturally-aspirated engines to operate (or any engine for that matter). I was reminded from my early high school engine class that all engines (non-turbo) must suck in the air...
  20. Sharecropper

    Alternator Amperage Output

    I am considering the addition of a few electrical accessories which will run while my truck is running (switch-activated). The amperage draw will be around 6 amps constant. Question - what is the amperage production of either alternator at idle? Will the 100-amp-hour alternator replenish...
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