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  1. FrankenCub

    Odd shifter issue.

    I changed the transmission in my 1008 and now can't shift into park with the shift lever. Could the C shaped bracket on the transmission have the slotted hole clocked different? I didn't think yo use the one off my old transmission and already scrapped it. This tranny came out of a 3/4 ton Chevy.
  2. FrankenCub

    Deuce owner in Endicott/Endwell NY area?

    Just wondering if one of you guys live in this area. I passed a Deuce with front duals a couple weeks back in Endicott, then again on the 4th in Endwell by Highland Park. I was in my M1008 flying my flag off the back.
  3. FrankenCub

    Lift pump question...

    The lift pump I got today looks a bit different, I remember seeing some pictures of a pump that was definitely wrong but can't find it now. The base on the new one is shallower and the lever on this one is different. It does look like it's the same distance from the housing though. This one is...
  4. FrankenCub

    Civilian alternator for gen 1 temporary..questions

    For the time being I have a new civi alternator to go in place of gen 1. It's purely a need the truck now deal. I can't be down a few days waiting on parts to arrive. I will be rebuilding the original this summer. I see references on using a civi alternator but they don't expand on it much. I...
  5. FrankenCub

    Fill spout for threaded fuel cans, repairing rubber seal?

    I have a fill spout for my fuel cans that leaks. The rubber is hardened and cracked from age, but otherwise the rest of the spout is good. Have any of you guys repaired the rubber seals on those? It doesn't look like it will come off without breaking it.
  6. FrankenCub

    Alternative use for glowplug resistor?

    I have some radio equipment going in my M1008 and was wondering if I could use a glowplug resistor to get power for the equipment as a way to bypass adding additional stress on the front battery. At least this way it would be drawing from both and I could run it to a fuse panel just for the...
  7. FrankenCub

    Slip yoke issue...

    I finally got my new t-case installed and got to looking at the slip yoke and I'm thinking I'd much rather replace it. It has a bit of a groove worn into it with one spot that is deeper than the rest of the circumference. I've tried to reference the part number from TM 34p but coming up empty...
  8. FrankenCub

    NP208 no high range

    I had a reoccurring problem again tonight that I thought was a tranny issue. Had no forward or reverse and all sorts of noise. T-case shifter was firmly in 2H, tried 4H with same results. After sitting on the side of the road getting more po'd by the moment something told me to try 4L. Bingo...I...
  9. FrankenCub

    HMMWV computer mount

    First off I gotta say, I hate you HMMWV owners! Just kidding. I want one pretty bad but New Yorkistan isn't very friendly to them. I'm pretty sure I've seen in passing a picture of a HMMWV with a Getac B300 laptop mounted in the cab but for the life of me I can't find it. Anyone here have one...
  10. FrankenCub

    M116A1E1 located

    I've been causally looking for a trailer for my M1008 and one showed up for an upcoming auction, sorry guys....not giving details lol. I have looked in the TM and what I see there is A2E1, so am I correct in assuming the data plate wasn't updated? This does have surge brakes, but also has a...
  11. FrankenCub

    Is this a M101? Data tag is missing

    A guy I know has a trailer I'm considering buying for my M1008 but the tag has been removed and some other tag added by a PO. What model is this, or is this enough to ID it?
  12. FrankenCub

    M1008 dragged home today...

    ...pushing the F-350 tow vehicle around the whole way lol. With much debate I decided my back wouldn't handle a 20+ hour round trip, not to mention the possibility of a problem on the way back that I wouldn't be able to afford to tow. I took the trip to Grand Gorge today to meet with Mike and...
  13. FrankenCub

    Army/Navy store in Grand Gorge NY ?

    Anyone here know of the surplus store in Grand Gorge NY? He has a couple M1008's I was thinking of taking the drive out there tomorrow to look over. Hoping someone knows the guy and may be able tell me some about him. He said neither of them are running, although he was driving one when it...
  14. FrankenCub

    In cab diagnostic port

    I've been looking through the TM's for any information about the diagnostic port, more so for the equipment intended to use it. Is there any info here for it that I'm missing? I'd like to learn more about it.
  15. FrankenCub

    Questions about an '86 CUCV

    I'm new to MVs, was looking at a few M35A2's but they sold pretty quick. Then I just ran across an '86 CUCV with 72k miles on it. The ad says it a 1008 or 1010 and think it was a radio truck. The question I have is about the slide in body, would this have been a radio body? I've searched for...
  16. FrankenCub

    New from Broome Co. NY

    Hi guys, been lurking a while so I suppose I should at least be polite and introduce myself. I stumbled across mention of this place when I was looking for a replacement for my too small pickup. I first really got turned on to the Unimog. Seen one locally and checked it out but found it was...
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