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  1. Rkrug

    RK's M274A5 Restoration

    After some consultation and advice from Mwmules I now have a mule to wrench on. M274A5, electric start great runner, all the rails are there, motor and drive train rebuilt recently by the previous owner. Started striping it down today, and made some good progress. plan on painting 24087 semi...
  2. Rkrug

    RK's Deuce #2

    Well it looks like I'm a member of the deuce club once again. After being forced to sell my first deuce to pay for other vehicle repairs a few years ago, I have been wanting to get another ever since, well today was the day. Won what appears to be an m109a3 without the box on the back. Planning...
  3. Rkrug

    Detroit 8v92 fuel shutoff question

    Looking at a truck that has an 8v92 and a 13 speed, says that it runs good but has an electrical issue and then it dies. So here are my questions being a 1979, this should be a mechanical engine (no DDEC?), meaning that the only electrical issue that would stop it from running would be...
  4. Rkrug

    Denver Colorado pickup

    I have six radiant tube heaters and a banding machine that I bought at an auction that I need picked up because I won't be able to make it there to get them during the week, just need them picked up and held for a few days till I can come and get them on the weekend. Pickup time frame is...
  5. Rkrug

    Pickup at Hooks

    A friend of mine needs a tire machine picked up at Hooks Texas, if your nearby and can help please give him a call (620)*417-0661 Thanks
  6. Rkrug

    Stewart warner Compartment heater help needed

    Part number 19207SOCN11669898 NSN 2540-01-194-3323 I Picked up this heater at a military salvage yard of an m925 truck, i'm now trying to get it going I have the fuel pump plumbed and wired in and it is working,When I push the switch down to start the blower and fuel pump kick in and the two...
  7. Rkrug

    RK's M35A2

    Just got the truck on Saturday and drove it home, Runs and drives grate, just finishing up the paint on the cab interior, Tan on the dash and black BM rusty primer on the floor.
  8. Rkrug

    5Ton level winder operation

    I just got a level winder installed on my 923a1, just the top part not the tensioner since the winch I got it off of at the salvage yard did not have one. I tried using it tonight by spooling out the cable and then hooking it on to some small junk I had laying around and winching in but it just...
  9. Rkrug

    Lockbourne, OH Looking for pickup/shipper

    Found a piece of optical equipment in Lockbourne, OH that I wanted to get but I wanted to make sure that I could find some one to hire to pick it up and ship it for me before I bid on it. If you live in this area and could pick this up and ship it for me, please PM me. Thanks RK
  10. Rkrug

    My new M923 A1

    Finally got my first MV! 1986 M923 A1 Had Glen at BFR pick it up for me, and I'm going to get it from him this Saturday. I found the sticky note spread sheet and found the NAPA number FIL 1970MP for the oil filter,and I also saw that there was a bypass filter listed as well, Is that the right...
  11. Rkrug

    ghost trucks?

    looking on GL there were a bunch of M900 series trucks at FT.Riley, then the disappeared,then I saw them again today on the GL ad on the site here so I clicked on it and it came up with an error message. Can someone tell me whats going on and if the trucks are still up for auction? Thanks RK
  12. Rkrug

    M915A1, Truck, Tractor,gladhand

    Look at an m915a1 and wanted to make sure before i put a bid in on it that it had the glad hands on the front so that I could tow it with my newly acquired tow bar.
  13. Rkrug

    M35a2 vs m923

    looking at getting my first mv an m923,but saw some nice m35a2 for a good price on GSA site, was wondering which would be better to start out with and easier to work on. If i do get one of the m35a2 the description said that the brakes were bad would this keep it from being towed with a tow...
  14. Rkrug

    2012 Kansas rally???

    Are there any events planned in Kansas this year?
  15. Rkrug

    First time EUC

    Been looking at getting an M Series truck of GL but was wondering how long First time EUC are going, so I can figure out when I need to hire some one to haul it off the lot Thanks for any info!
  16. Rkrug

    M1022 Gichner Mobilizers

    Has any one ever used one of these before, I was thinking of getting one (if i could get it for a good price) Because I have a couple of storage containers that I would like to be able to move around. Does it just have air breaks ,and what powers the lifting mechanism to lift up the container...
  17. Rkrug

    m101a2 trailer price?

    Was looking at some M101a2 trailers on GL and was wondering how much they are going for these days? Because the lot comes with three trailers And I only need one so I would probably sell the other two.
  18. Rkrug

    M923 jump start

    Went and looked at a truck at fort Riley has a low battery and would not turn over, was wondering if I wire two car batteries together to make 24V, if they would have enough power to start it.
  19. Rkrug

    M931A2 Truck tire change

    Found this truck on GL but it has a flat tire but other than that it is a nice truck, How hard is it to change a tire on one of these (and what size impact socket would you need?), Or if the tire just has a slow leak will the CTIS keep it aired up? Thanks
  20. Rkrug


    was looking on GL and found an M925A2, was wondering if it had a central tire inflation system on it. I attached a picture of it, is that a machine gun mount on the top ? Was also wondering what size engine it had. Thanks
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