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    KC to Dayton Ohio. Boring ol' 600mile trip in a deuce. But wait theres more!

    Leaving from Kansas City driving my M35A2 (bumper number 6025) and hopefully arriving just north of Dayton 10 hours later. Will be flat-towing my M1009 CUCV on a Med towbar. This weekend looks like rain, guess I had better pack my goretex.
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    Dayton OH, to Ft Riley KS: Summer Road Trip

    You know how they say "Pictures or it didn't happen"? Well it hasn't happened yet :-P For now this is a sanity check, to see if bringing my M35a2 home is nuts! Inside of four days, 14july11 to 17july11 I have to: - fly to Dayton - Rebuild two rear wheel seals (never done that) - Fix a leaky...
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    Axel Vent Mod, 2.5 ton Rockwells

    I just got done replacing my axle vents with rubber lines. Next step is to check and repack bearing that have been washed out by 90w gear oil. Anyway, I took some pictures along the way and the mod was "easy" to do if you are small enough to sit under the truck and wiggle in around the rear...
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    Three Color U-Haul truck

    No I didn't repaint anything. I used an M35a2, and here is a mini story attempt to describe it. Nothing fancy, just a road trip in a deuce. Back in early May, I started out near Lawrence KS, and drove, and drove, and drove..... to Ohio. It took about 18 hours of traveling, and about 25 days...
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    ID this thingy... I think it is part of the flame heater

    I've got an older truck, that has been updated over the years... Currently it is wired up with a (Broken) ether injector. The little sensor snapped off, I guess I should just hot wire it now. However, I pretty sure it also has a flame heater. It has the little high pressure pump on top of the...
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    The good, bad and ugly

    The good: Yea! I won a M101 trailer in Oklahoma City, and the EUC cleared! :grin: The bad: On the same day, I also blew out the torque converter (and probably the tranny) on my CUCV. Now I have less than two weeks to walk down their and pull my trailer out... like a rickshaw! (its only a...
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    M101a2 surge brakes

    What exactly do the surge brakes look like? I've been eying M101 trailers for a while now, and its starting to bug me, that I can't pick out the difference other than looking at the wheels. Is it related to the boxes on the hitch? Like the one pictured below. Or are they some sort of do-hickey...
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    Gen 1 light never comes on

    Yes I replaced the bulb(s)... So, after many days of wandering the SS site looking at Alternator threads, and studying the TMs and FMs. What exactly is happening if the GEN 1 light doesn't come on at start up (or ever for that matter) I'm curious since I roughly understand how to fix the...
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    Odd way to start a CUCV

    Ah, CUCVs and electricity the two should never have been mixed. Anyway yesterday I went down to look over my 'new' M1009 down in Lebanon MO. The site employees were fantastic, and offered their 1008 for a jump but also offered to help get the old girl running! If you ever have a choice these...
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    Need to borrow a towbar, around 21 July -- Kansas City area

    Title says most of it. I managed to buy a M1009 from the forestry service. And since it doesn't run, was hoping to flat tow it home on Monday. Great plan, except none of the 'U-haul like places' seem to rent tow bars anymore. So I figured I would ask here, before buying one. Trick is I...
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    Got hooked in Eastern Kansas

    Howdy, I've gone from lurking to buying a M1009, and figured it was high time to join the forums. So far this place has been a great resource, although the size has made the search function fun to use! See you around... maybe sooner if I can borrow a Towbar real quick, Steve
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