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  1. Stein12501

    New from Missouri

    Welcome to the site. Not sure what part of the state your in but we are located just outside of the capitol. This site is a wealth of info and a lot of great people. I have a M35A2 and love it. It is a man's truck for sure with no power steering and standard tranny. Good luck and hope to...
  2. Stein12501

    New from missouri

    Great to hear from others from MO. Stuck in Jefferson City, MO. Good Luck!!
  3. Stein12501

    Pinging/knocking after injectors!?!

    Good Luck!!!
  4. Stein12501

    Pinging/knocking after injectors!?!

    Mine just started doing the same thing. Changed the fuel filter and primed still not getting fuel. Ordered a set of rebuilt injectors and will replace when it's running again. I figured mine had leaking injector(s) causing the knock and rattle. She always ran great until now.
  5. Stein12501

    New Member from Missouri

    Welcome from Jefferson City, MO.
  6. Stein12501

    200 amp Alternator problem

    I used a drift pin through the rear alt. fan guard and it was enough to allow to tighten the nut. I think I purchased a locking nut that worked at Menards. My pulley didn't feel loose but when I removed the belts I could get a little play in the shaft. Just a thought.
  7. Stein12501

    200 amp Alternator problem

    Not sure but on mine I installed the 200 amp alternator and it had a weird noise that I thought was a bearing going out and started getting louder. After tearing into it I found that the nut holding the belt pulley on the shaft was loose. I tightened it and have not heard the noise or any...
  8. Stein12501

    Trailer it ... what trailer?

    I too was going to rent the U-Haul trailer but for a long and rough road (Penna Turnpike) I went with a 20' equipment trailer. Cost a little more but for me it was worth it. The hills and turns the thing rode like a champ. The 82" wide wheel base will just barely go between wheel wells and it...
  9. Stein12501

    Trailer it ... what trailer?

    I rented a flat trailer to haul mine. Brought it back pulling it with a 3/4 ton dodge from New Jersey and had no problems. They are wide and pretty heavy. Good Luck!!
  10. Stein12501

    Hello guys!!!!! Buongiorno ragazzi!!!!

    Welcome from central Missouri!!
  11. Stein12501

    Humvee steering wheel stuck

    I had several and the spacing between the bolt holes was to close to use them. But if it worked for you, then that's all that matters.
  12. Stein12501

    Humvee steering wheel stuck

    Hate to say it but I don't think any of the steering wheel pullers will work at least they didn't for me. I made one from the threaded puller bolt, a piece of flat steel and 2 - 1/4" x 4" NF bolts. There are 2 threaded holes on the wheel. Soaked the steering shaft with PB and it came right...
  13. Stein12501

    Problems on GL site today

    I just got a Notice of Disposal for a lot in GA. I checked My Account and I never bid on it. Called GL this morning and they friendly help said that he thought someone superimposed some numbers and that he would get it fixed. We will see.
  14. Stein12501

    Jefferson City, MO Any info?

    Tinstar I'm pretty sure that both lots are gravel. We had about 8" of rain this weekend so I'm sure everything is soaked. I have to go out of town on tomorrow or I would run by and take pictures. Good Luck!!
  15. Stein12501

    20th Fall Midwest Willys Jeep Reunion

    The Santa Fe Chapter of the MVPA is sponsoring the 20th "Fall Midwest Willy's Reunion". Sept. 9-11 2016 at the Capital Plaza in Jefferson City, MO. You can contact 1-888-950-5062 for more info or register with Betty Massengale at Hope to see some SS members there!
  16. Stein12501

    Jefferson City, MO Any info?

    Tinstar the same here, if you need assistance let me know. I'm about 30 miles away by road and about 3 miles as the crow flies. I've picked up several vehicles there and like everyone has said they have always been great to work with. I've taken my Deuce and 923 back to pick up items and have...
  17. Stein12501

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Just installed the new tach and it works great. Next going to install the new steering wheel. Can anyone tell me what puller works. All of my steering wheel pullers are to wide.
  18. Stein12501

    hmmwv tachometer installation

    Well TNriverjet I finally got it installed. Wired as shown in write-up and it works like a charm. I love having it to monitor the rpm's and the hour meter for doing maintenance on the vehicle. Thanks,
  19. Stein12501

    clutch fans are locked to engine

    If we are talking HMMWV then if the engine is Not running the clutch fan is engaged. It needs PS pressure to disengage the fan. Kinda backwards from what you might think. Just like Racing4funn said.
  20. Stein12501

    Status of the Military Salvage Yard in Rolla, Missouri

    I will ask the guys at the next meeting.
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