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  1. CAFRS

    Miltope MSD V2

    Yeah manufacturers like to do that, with all their proprietary connectors that you have to get from them. I'm still hopeful that someone might be able to do a continuity test on an existing HDD caddy or cable to provide the exact pinout. From there I'd be able to replicate my own...
  2. CAFRS

    Miltope MSD V2

    That does look promising, at least from some images I've seen it has the parallel pins in a male connection (the connection to the Miltope looks to be female). I don't have one handy to compare the size. I'll toss in some pictures of the connector in the Miltope, maybe it'll help give a better...
  3. CAFRS

    Miltope MSD V2

    Looks like I might be reviving an older thread. But I recently picked up one of these Miltope computers from a yardsale and on my quest to revive the hunk of aluminum I found this forum. Of course it was my luck that the unit did not have the HDD caddy and the guy I bought it from didn't know...
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