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    Anybody change the thermostats on a 8.3 A2 engine?

    My M936A2 wrecker is overheating, I thought it would be the shutterstat, but the cross over pipe it mounts to and the radiator don't get hot at all while the engine is overheating. It looks like a night mare to change those two thermostats! Anybody change them out and any pointers before I...
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    For anyone needing new wheels for your M1009 8 inch wide I got sick of people trying to sell me used rims at $150 plus shipping as these 8 inch rims are hard to find. Summit has them brand new shipped to you at a little over $100. If you need NEW rims for your M1009 there you...
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    M923 NHC250 stalls when stopping. Idle seems low too.

    How do I set the idle higher on the NHC250? Starts right up, but releasing the throttle suddenly it will die, or driving forward or backward and stopping it will die.. I replaced the big canister filter recently but still have the issue. Any suggestions on a sight glass to install in the...
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    Are 5 ton Torque rods the same for the M35A3?

    Anybody know? I've been trying to go through the P TM's for both but my brain is malfunctioning.
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    Windshield washer sprayer activator?

    I've looked through the parts TM's and i cannot find the washer sprayer assembly that bolts on under the dash to activate the sprayer. I replaced the wipers and then try to test them and the plastic assembly broke apart or it might have previously and I thought I was out of washer fluid. Fix...
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    M35A3 brake issue Air hisses out master cylinder front when braking

    When I depress the brake pedal air hisses out the front of the master cylinder past the boot, when fully depressed it stops. Brakes stop the vehicle. When i release the brake pedal from a stop, it hisses air like a brake chamber on an airbrake equipped vehicle. How much of an issue is this to...
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    M35A3 air pack leaking from the front when depressing brake

    I can't seem to find this second air pack in the TM's that directly connects to the brake pedal linkage. Is there a rebuild kit for this? When I depress the brake pedal it quickly hisses out air at the front of the pack and when I release the pedal, it's like a normal air brake equipped truck...
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    Good vendor for Humvee covers and doors going out of business What a shame. I hope someone is buying them.
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    Where would I find a generator cord for a sesolinc genset?

    A buddy of mine needs a cord for the military genset, It has 5 leads/5 pins. Genset is 8.5KW diesel
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    Which tractors were used by the Air Force to pull nuclear missiles?

    My cousin recalls seeing a very very long nose air force tractor with triple axles when he worked in Princeton NJ on the tokamak site that used to pull giant magnets and stuff like that from site A to the tokamak site. I also worked there at site B for a couple weeks one summer in the early...
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    Anybody know where the fuel injector pump filter is on NHC250?

    I've looked in the TM's and searched here, but can't find the location of the filter in the fuel injector pump. I don't even see it in the parts TM. I've changed the big canister filter and geez, there was all kinds of gunk in the canister, Kuwaiti sand, orange gunk, who knows what. I want to...
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    What's a good spin on fuel filter adaptor kit for the M939

    I want to replace the giant canister/primary filter setup with a kit that will bolt right on to the three existing mounting holes and use a nice spin on fuel water separator filter . Any suggestions?
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    private messages full even though I delete some.

    Is there a problem with the private message system? I've deleted messages from both my sent and inbox and I still get box full when I try to send a message or someone tries to send my one. Any chance of making the message boxes bigger as well as helping me out here? Thanks mods
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    Bead locks, DO I need them?

    I'm confused by beadlock and runflats. Do I need either with 14R20's or 395? on a 5 ton? I don't go offroad except my yard and mainly drive on paved roads. I plan on switching all the 14R20's in my collection to 395's and frankly it looks pretty tough getting bead locks out of a tire to put...
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    What snatch block rating would I need? and can I use the front winch?

    I'm very confused on the snatch block I would need to pull my M936A2 out here. I'm confused if I could use the front winch or need to use the rear winch to pull itself out. In general I'm confused. I was planning on using an M923(once the ice melts allowing me to move it) as the fixed vehicle...
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    Can the Gov't confiscate a vehicle after the sale? Putting that fear mongering to bed

    After getting tired of a few long term members floating disinformation through either ignorance or jealousy insisting the gov't could come and take our private property anytime they feel like I decided to contact the DLA directly. Not only did they respond by email, but they called me twice to...
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    Looking for a cheap radio to talk to RT524 from another vehcle or on foot.

    Seems all the options I've looked at are spendy, Isn't there any cheap portable or vehicle units that operate on at least one frequency that the RT524 uses? Legal would be nice. I only plan to use the radios running in convoy.
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    I'm confused on tire sizes.

    I need several new tires for my 939A2 series, They are all 14Rx20. Can I use 395/85R 20? I don't understand what the numbers mean, I understand the 20inch being the rim diameter, but the difference between 14 and 395/85 what is that?
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    Wierd CTIS issue

    I replaced all the solenoids in the PCU, Put the newer pressure switch on the PCU..... I usually have to hit emergency for a couple seconds and it will start inflating. It will inflate to about 45-50 lbs then I get a blast of decompression from the PCU vent. Then all lights flash. Couldn't get...
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    How do i jump the starter directly on M939A2?

    I'm not getting any starter solenoid thunk when hitting the start switch. I'm going down the TM troubleshooting list, battery switch is good, starter switch is good, I get the thunk from the PCB, have 24 volts to the solenoid. Want to skip ahead...... Can I bypass the solenoid somehow and apply...
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