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    Sorry Action. I didn’t mean for it to look like I was calling you (or anyone else) out. I’m not, and I wasn’t, and I apologize if you felt that way. My point is that this OP must feel bad enough already despite this looking like the failure of a defective unit. Sorry Action if you or anyone...


    On the one hand, It is easy to make comments about tires and rims and how we should stick with stock offset, and on the other hand this is such an oddball failure that it almost looks as if the spindle was defective and anything we have to say might be unsubstantiated conjecture. Maybe I’m...


    This is a frequent discussion on the Hummer network forum. Wide wheels are super bad for spindles. These don’t look that wide though. I was going to say you need Blue Hummers BUT this is something else. Yikes!
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