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    How quiet Mil genset

    I vaguely recall, from 30+yr ago, a Army manual that had techniques for emplacing on the battlefield a small genset to quiet it. As I recall, tech was dig and place in a shallow hole with sandbags around it. Any idea what manual would have such info?
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    Detroit Diesel

    Not an ideal spot for my question so might be close. My Vol FD has a 1985 Ford L8000 engine (pumper). Power is a 6I71. Truck has about 20000mi and low hours. We have a couple know lots young guys who know diddly about any engine built before 2000. Shortage of old experienced 2cycle Detroit...
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    MEP004 to run a welder

    I avoid "I don't know diddly about what I'm asking but a new "hobby". I just bought at auction a Lincoln CV-300 with LN7 feeder from surplus at a small job shop. Said to work. New skill to learn. Way back when, all we had in HS welding was Lincoln stick welders. My kids HS have brand new...
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    Generator Output cable ID

    This cable was in an S280 shelter. Also had a long extension cable. I'm looking for info on what it's rated capacity is. Would like to use with a 10kw MEP803. Can anyone ID it from these photos? Apparently there are also 5 conductor/wire cables in used
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    M925 winch

    My Vol Fire Dept converted a newly rebuilt M925 I got from DRMS to a snowplow a few years ago. Have the hydraulic winch and front bumper still sitting in my parking lot. Winch appears to have new cable that has not been unwound. I assume that would be one of items on Red River Depot rebuilt...
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    SEE Parts specialist

    DOD has apparently cleared most of the SEE and parts inventory. Is there a known surplus dealer that scraped up the mil parts inventory? A bunch have ended up with local rural vol FD and converted to wildland/brush truck use. One FD I know did a very nice conversion job but recently had a...
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    FD has powerplant with 2x MEP002

    What has greater value, break it up or sell as a unit?
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    8V92TA resurrection

    M911 has not been started in 10 years. (ran when parked in my yard). What precrank advice?
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    1 side expand ISO shelter on mobility trailer

    Have a 5411-01-295-3433 Shelter TacticalExpandable One-Sided on a 2330-01-506-5979 ISO/MECC Mobility Trailer. This for my vol FD. Trailer is typically used for the ISO Kitchen unit. Shelter was supposed have some support/leveling jacks to use when shelter was ground mounted/erected. But...
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    Secure MEP803A

    Genset is pad mounted at fire station for backup power. Need to secure the doors/pane;s to keep kids out and idiots from the fuel tank. Any good solutions? Currently thinking an eyebolt near each latch and run a chain thru all the eyebolts with a padlock on the two ends. A steel or alum...
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    For a high gloss finish

    Unlike most of you reusing converting to Fire Dept tanker a M916A3. Existing paint in good condition on a 5000mi truck. Will be white over red. Expect to have in use for the next 15-20years. Would like a nice shiny fire truck finish (or what is reasonably possible). Any "formula" of process...
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    Rejuventate a carge cover

    Cargo bed cover mon M925 is looking very thin. Can see light thru it. I assume has been on truck since rebuild in 2007. Is there a method to rejuvenate a cover with a coating etc. I assume that the cover will begin to tear within a short time without repair attention.
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    Power inverter system, dc to ac,

    Anyone have experience with this unit of similar can report on? 6130-01-552-6350 The Quiet Power DC to AC Inverter System (QP-1800) is comprised of one QP-1800 Inverter, one NATO Slave Input Cable, and one Transport Case. This semi-ruggedized system converts 24VDC to 115VAC (pure sine...
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    GETT 23kw 120000btu - Applied Companies

    Model # Generator, ECU, Tent, Trailer (GETT ) GETT23P120 23 kW Paralleling Generator, 120,000 Btu/hr Just picked up for my FD. 1400hr. Looks clean complete and in good condition. Isuzu engine. Now charging the Optima the batteries which do not seem to hold a charge. Anyone have words...
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    M916A3 electrical system

    Unable to find an electrical diagram. To my understanding dual voltage alternator has 12v and 24v. 24v charges the batteries which is a typical mil series/parallel battery installation. What is 24v other than the starter and mil spec trailer lighting connection? I assume some power studs...
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    I'd like to find a TM for HDT 90000 btu heater

    Looking for info on HDT heater NSN 4520015981844. Anyone have the TM? Looking at getting for my FD for a special project but not able to find info on this unit. Including at HDT website. Same as: In particular what outside...
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    6CTA8.3 rebuild or surplus

    Any advice where to locate a surplus 6CTA8.3 new/rebuild? Many on govliquidation but all look to be pulled so likely needing need rebuild. Local FD has an engine with a 6CTA8.3 with a trashed block. They have no $ to go down to Cummins to buy a rebuild.
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    MEP 531A and MEP803A

    Picking up for my FD in the next few days 3x MEP531A and a MEP803A. Other than complete, anything to look for/be aware of on these units? I'm quite familiar with MEP0002/003/004/007 and T&J diesels.
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    GL's New Contract

    There is a new contract that started in Dec with Liquidity Services ( selling nonrolling stock equipment. Iron Planet won contract to take over anything with wheels. You'd have to get into the weeds on the details of the old or new contract terms to find the particulars...
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    End of embargo on/demil of HMMWV?

    I just received a call from my contact for DOD surplus for transfer to FD. Apparently new policy is being put into place were FD can obtain HMMWV under the FFP program. IE FD will receive title to the truck. Will not have to be returned to DRMO for demil/destruction down the road. Begin in...
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